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SamMobile Daily Recap: February 28, 2017 — Galaxy X, Harman acquisition and more!

We publish a lot of stories on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of the news breaks during our European hours of operation, which makes it difficult for our readers in the US (and other regions) to follow every post that goes live. But, we think we’ve come up with an ideal solution — a daily recap.In the list below, you’ll find the stories we’ve published today. Chances are, you’re not going to be interested in all of them. To help you find what’s important to you, we’ve split them into their respective categories — so if you want to see the latest Galaxy S8 news, locate the Phones subheading.BusinessSamsung’s Harman acquisition approved by Fair Trade CommissionSamsung heir Lee Jae-yong will be indicted on bribery and other chargesSamsung’s infamous battery affiliate gets a new leaderDealsDaily Deal: Save 50% on an S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy S7 edgeFirmware NewsGalaxy Note 5 receives February security patchSamsung rolling out February security patch for the Galaxy A5 (2016) in …

Jio and Samsung Win “Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets” at Global Mobile Awards 2017

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. (“Jio”) and Samsung Electronics, today announced that they have won the “Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets” from Global Mobile Awards 2017 at Mobile World Congress 2017 for the digital movement that Jio, with support from Samsung, is bringing to India.Jio and Samsung’s ongoing effort in transforming India into a digitally empowered society by overcoming the country’s digital divide has been recognized on the global stage with this prestigious award. The two organizations have focused on reaching the power of communication and information with free voice and world’s lowest data rates across towns and rural areas through the deployment of the world’s largest greenfield LTE network in India.In addition, Jio has focused on enabling an easy access to digital life with customer-oriented applications and tariffs. Through its invitational offers, millions of Indians were able to embrace a digital lifestyle and helped Jio to rapidly expand its subscriber ba…

[Photo] Samsung Networks Booth Showcases Potential Future of Mobile Communications at MWC 2017

Daily Deal: Save 50% on an S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy S7 edge

Looking to add a layer of protection to your Galaxy S7 edge? You’ve come to the right place. For a limited time, you can snag yourself a S-View Flip Cover for a mere $24.99 (50% off). By far, the best thing about this case is that it sports an interactive window, which provides quick access to key phone features, including the option to answer incoming calls and peruse notifications without having to open the cover.If you like the sound of this promotion and want to place an order, simply hit the Buy Now button below. We advise you to hurry, though, as Amazon only has a low amount of inventory available. It’s also worth noting that this is an international deal and the S-View Flip Cover for the regular Galaxy S7 is on sale, too. It can currently be had for $24.12 (52% off).Buy Now – Galaxy S7Buy Now – Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung’s JY Lee will be indicted for bribery

Samsung’s JY Lee (Lee Jae-yong) will soon be indicted, according to the news report emerging from South Korea. The de-facto head will be charged for bribery that involves South Korea’s impeached President GH Park. Earlier this month, JY Lee was arrested after the prosecutors suspected him of giving or promising the president’s friend a bribe […]The post Samsung’s JY Lee will be indicted for bribery appeared first on Sammy Hub.

Samsung is expanding its Rich Communication Services messaging service

Samsung has announced today that it’s going to expand its Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging services using the NewNet Communication Technologies solution that it recently acquired. Samsung’s RCS is a complete end-to-end solution which features RCS-enabled devices, native and downloadable device clients, RCS application servers based in the cloud, a third-party monetization platform and an interconnectivity hub among operators.RCS enables users to enjoy rich messaging features in simple texting messaging, features that would otherwise only be available in services like WhatsApp and Viber. They will be able to participate in group chats, video calls and large file transfers while using their phone numbers without needing an additional app for this purpose.The company’s RCS cloud will let carriers quickly launch the service while avoiding costly and time-consuming efforts of setting up their own network infrastructure. Samsung’s RCS hub is also going to support and simplify the…

Samsung’s infamous battery affiliate gets a new leader

You may not have heard of Samsung SDI prior to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle last year. It’s the conglomerate’s battery affiliate and it supplies Samsung Electronics with battery cells for its smartphones. Samsung SDI was supplying the bulk of the batteries for the Galaxy Note 7 and as the company’s thorough investigation later revealed, there was a problem with the battery which caused the Galaxy Note 7 to combust spontaneously.Samsung SDI’s reputation has suffered a great deal of damage but the company has done a lot of soul-searching since the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle and is committed to ensuring that something like that doesn’t happen again. Cho Nam-seong was the previous CEO of Samsung SDI who recently tendered his resignation due to personal reasons.He’s now going to be replaced by Jun Young-hyun who is currently the president of Samsung’s memory chip division, according to a statement issued by Samsung SDI. Jun’s nomination as the new leader of Samsung’s now infamous battery af…

Samsung’s Harman acquisition approved by Fair Trade Commission

Samsung Electronics announced late last year that it was going to acquire Harman International for $8 billion. Even though there was some pushback from minority investors initially who thought that the price was too low, Harman’s shareholders eventually approved the acquisition during the shareholders’ meeting earlier this month. The relevant regulatory approvals are now required before Samsung can close this deal once and for all.The company has cleared one such hurdle. South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has given its final approval to Samsung for the acquisition of Harman International. The decision is similar to the European Commission which also sees no harm in allowing the acquisition to go through. South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission is of the view that this acquisition is not likely to cause a problem with regard to the Fair Trade Act and restriction of competition.With this regulatory hurdle taken care of, Samsung is well on its way to closing the Harman acquisition within th…

Samsung rolling out February security patch for the Galaxy A5 (2016) in Europe

Samsung is now distributing this month’s security patch for the Galaxy A5 (2016) in Europe. As you’re probably well aware, the upgrade transport fixes for a total of 50 bugs present in the Android OS, in addition to a handful of patches that are exclusive to the firm’s latest devices.Like usual, the OTA is being pushed out in stages. If you’re feeling impatient and would like to manually scan for it on your Galaxy A5 (2016), open up the Settings menu, then select the relevant option from the Software Update section under the About Device subheading.

Jio and Samsung Shift the Indian LTE Mobile Market Landscape Once Again with the “I&G Project”

Samsung announced today its innovative “I&G (Infill & Growth) Project” for Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd in India. This joint project was established to upgrade current LTE mobile communication services across India by expanding both the current network capacity as well as network coverage.The project sets a high benchmark for LTE services in India through wider coverage, in-building penetration and the highest speeds, regardless of the user’s location. Utilizing spectrum in the 850, 1800 and 2300MHz bands, it will enable seamless indoor and outdoor coverage in dense urban areas. The project will also extend Jio’s superiority in rural areas by expanding its reach to over 90% of the population.Previously, Samsung provided the LTE core, base stations and solutions required for VoLTE services, as well as massive deployment services for establishing a nationwide network for Jio. The two companies have successfully established the world’s largest greenfield LTE network.“I am excited to…

Samsung to Expand its RCS (Rich Communication Services) Messaging Service

Samsung Electronics  today announced its plan to expand its Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging service using the recently-acquired NewNet Communication Technologies RCS solution. Samsung’s RCS service is a complete end-to-end solution that includes RCS-enabled devices, native/downloadable device clients, cloud-based RCS application servers, an interconnectivity hub among operators and a third-party monetization platform.Users will enjoy rich messaging features such as group chats, video calls and large file transfers, while continuing to use their phone numbers without the need for an additional app.Samsung’s RCS cloud will allow mobile network operators to quickly launch the service and avoid the costly and time-consuming efforts of building their own network infrastructure. Additionally, Samsung’s RCS hub will support and simplify the interconnectivity among other RCS-enabled operators, Samsung and third-party RCS clouds, allowing for the same service ubiquity for users as …

Samsung Press Conference: MWC 2017 (Official Replay)

Watch as the new Galaxy TabS3, Galaxy Book and Gear VR with controller are revealed in Barcelona. For more information: From: Samsung Mobile

Samsung Discusses New Enterprise Mobility Paradigm at Samsung Mobile Enterprise Summit

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