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Samsung patent envisions palm scanning for remembering forgotten passwords

Samsung is proud for having the highest number of security features on its latest flagships, offering no less than five different methods (iris, facial recognition, fingerprint, pattern, and pin) for keeping the device locked and protected. Samsung also seems to be working on ways to ensure those who use a password for their device and tend to forget it can easily get a hint for what their password might be, or at least that’s what a patent application by the company suggests.Palm scanning for more than just telling your futureEveryone knows a person’s palm can have a myriad of lines that differ for each individual, and while palm readers might be using these for foretelling your future, Samsung thinks it can be used to help users remember their password by hiding the hint in those scattered palm lines. This isn’t a method for unlocking similar to iris or fingerprint scanning; instead, Samsung wants to use palm scanning to ensure that the user requesting for the password hint is the o…

Recent Galaxy S8 and S8+ update may have broken fast charging for some users

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ haven’t been getting updates as frequently as one would like for flagship phones. They’re also not getting them quickly enough, as evident by the fact that many regions saw the October security patch hitting the devices in mid-November. If some reports from S8 and S8+ users are to be believed, the November update, which started rolling out a few days back, couldn’t come sooner, as the update with the October patch may have broken fast charging on some units.Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ fast charging may be broken for someOwners of the S8 and S8+ have taken to Twitter and the Samsung community forums to voice complaints about fast charging no longer working on their device after grabbing the latest update. The problem seems to be software-based, as folks say fast charging doesn’t work even with Samsung’s original charger and with fast charging enabled in the battery settings. We checked our devices to see if fast charging is working and none of our units seem t…

Samsung Will Announce Renewable Energy Strategy and Target

At Samsung Electronics, we take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and know that reducing our impact on the environment is critical for all of our futures.As part of our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, we have been actively investigating a range of measures to increase our use of renewable energy and plan to announce a specific renewable energy strategy with measurable targets by August 2018.

Verizon’s Galaxy S6, S6 edge and Note 5 get November security update

Verizon seems to be working around the clock to update Samsung phones on its network every time a major new Android vulnerability rears its head. It was only last week that we saw the November security patch update, with a fix for the KRACK exploit that affects almost every modern Wi-Fi-enabled device, hit the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge on Verizon. A similar update is now making its way to the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy Note 5, Samsung’s 2015 flagship phones.Verizon pushes out November security update to 2015 flagshipsLike most monthly updates, this one doesn’t bring any changes other than the latest security fixes. The November security patch includes fixes for 61 Android vulnerabilities and six exploits that affect only Samsung devices. Detailed information on what these vulnerabilities are and how they affect a device can be seen here. Naturally, some vulnerabilities have also been kept a secret to prevent exploitation before the update has reached all eligible devices…

Samsung Electronics Recognized in Vietnam as One of the Best Enterprises for Employees

In operation since April 2009, Samsung Electronics in Vietnam has more than 100,000 employees working across its manufacturing facilities in the Yen Phong Industrial Zone in Bac Ninh Province (Samsung Electronics Vietnam; SEV) and Pho Yen District in Thai Nguyen Province (Samsung Electronics Vietnam – Thai Nguyen; SEVT).This year, both SEV and SEVT made Vietnam’s “Enterprises for Laborers (Doanh nghiệp vì người lao động) 2017” list, which honored 74 companies across Vietnam that strived to achieve sustainable development by providing a positive work environment for their employees. Both entities were also among the top 30 companies that were awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) for their outstanding achievement.The “Enterprises for Laborers” rating is based on a specific set of criteria developed by labor and trade experts. The criteria ensure a close reflection of the actual use and treatment of employees in the company in a wide range…

[Editorial] Arts for All: Choreographer Marc Brew on Inclusive Arts

Quantum Dot Artisan: Dr. Eunjoo Jang, Samsung Fellow

Wallpaper Wednesday: Christmas

Welcome to the latest edition of Wallpaper Wednesday. This week we’re highlighting five Material Design-esque Christmas backgrounds. All of the images are available in a suitable resolution for the Galaxy Note 8Galaxy S8Galaxy S8+ — and just about any other smartphone on the market.If any of the following images float your boat and you want to download and set one as your wallpaper, simply tap on the photo to maximise it, then click and hold to save it. Once the picture is stored locally, open up Settings, locate and select Wallpaper, then just press the image to set it as your background.Candy ChainChristmas TreeFrost FlakesWinter TreeDownloadThe post Wallpaper Wednesday: Christmas appeared first on SamMobile.

SamMobile Daily Recap: November 29, 2017 — Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and more!

We publish a lot of stories on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the majority of news breaks during our European hours of operation, which makes it difficult for our readers in the US (and other regions) to keep up. However, we think we’ve come up with a fantastic solution — a daily recap.Here’s what we covered today.Firmware NewsInternational unlocked Galaxy Note 8 is getting an update at lastLatest Android 8.0 Oreo beta rolling out for the Galaxy S8 in the USGeneralSamsung mass producing 2nd gen 10nm FinFET process technologyPhonesSamsung has a Swarovski SMARTgirl Limited Edition Galaxy S8+ in SpainSamsung PayYou may soon be able to share your Samsung Pay transactionsThe post SamMobile Daily Recap: November 29, 2017 — Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and more! appeared first on SamMobile.

Create Bixby Quick Commands | Bixby | Samsung SmartLife

Bixby learns your routine to make your phone more useful. By creating Quick Commands, you can simplify your Bixby conversations to just a phrase or a word. With a Quick Command, Bixby can carry out complicated tasks. Bixby is a smarter way to use your phone. Learn more at: #Bixby #GalaxyS8 #GalaxyS8Plus #GalaxyNote8 From: Samsung Mobile

Samsung HMD Odyssey: A New Level of Immersive Mixed Reality

Watch how the Samsung HMD Odyssey is shattering the limits of VR gaming for the most immersive and realistic experience yet. Its display, sound and connected features will bring the wildest gaming adventures to life. You’ll find the HMD Odyssey dominating the top of every gamer’s wish list this holiday season. For more info, please visit our other pages: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: From: Samsung Mobile

#DoneMyWay: 9 Creators, 9 Artworks (Full version)

Art is easy on the eyes, but the creative process demands practice, patience and precision. Our 9 creators use the Notebook 9 Pro and S Pen to plan and execute their creative works in their own, original way. What will your creation look like? Check out all 9 works of art here: The Notebook 9 Pro is now available for purchase on: Samsung official website: BestBuy: From: Samsung Mobile

Using Docker & Kubernetes to Modernize Your Mobile, Web, and Microservices Apps (The Easy Way)

Join Joyent for an overview of how Samsung Mobile architects its native apps to run on multiple clouds, including Amazon AWS and Joyent’s Triton, to balance cost savings, flexibility, and control over their data. Specific topics will include: (i) approaches to managing a rapidly expanding object storage footprint; and (ii) enhancing application portability and developer productivity with micro-services, Docker and Kubernetes. From: Samsung Mobile

Samsung Knox Mobile Management

#Knox lets you configure devices remotely, so you can save time setting up user accounts, emails, permissions & more. Learn more at From: Samsung Mobile

Bixby Sessions 12: Dorm Party | Bixby | Samsung SmartLife

In Bixby Sessions 12, it's the eternal question: Venture out or stay in? Do some quick research with Bixby and enjoy your night. Bixby is a smarter way to use your phone. Learn more at: #Bixby #GalaxyS8 #GalaxyS8Plus #GalaxyNote8 From: Samsung Mobile

Done Traceloops’ Way: Creating Art in Motion with the Notebook 9 Pro

Art is a process, and it’s especially true for illustrator Traceloops and his artwork. He makes use of all the features of the Notebook 9 Pro, the only tool he needs, so he can be free to create and experiment. You’ll want to see his final artwork here: The Notebook 9 Pro is now available for purchase on: Samsung official website: BestBuy: For more info, please visit our other pages: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: How We Empower Software and Services Startups to Achieve Their Next Level Funding

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Speaker: Brendon Kim - Samsung NEXT Ventures Samsung NEXT recently announced a $150M fund to globally support early stage startups in emerging technologies, such as AR, IoT, Blockchain, AI and VR. Learn how the NEXT team is leveraging the power of the Samsung platform to accelerate the growth of startups through capital, expertise and partnerships. Hear about entrepreneurs who are partnering with Samsung to achieve their next level funding and what the NEXT team is looking for in future investments. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: The Intersection of Fashion, Robotics and Technology

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Speaker: Anouk Wipprecht - Anouk Wipprecht FashionTech Fashion that becomes interactive using technology has never before been as close to the skin - what kind of possibilities does this open up? Come learn from a FashionTech designer who works across disciplines in search of intelligent systems that interact with the body and environment of the wearer. Using machine learning and biomimicry coupled with sensors, smart devices, VR and animatronics to create wearables that belong on the runway was well as the high-tech showroom, these designs move, breathe, and react to the world around them. Learn about new ways we can interface - and micro-controlled garments designed to provoke. From: Samsung Mobile

Done Seolzzi’s Way: My Stories, My Artwork with the S Pen

To illustrator Seolzzi, every drawing, even a simple sketch, tells a story. She chooses to work with the S Pen, so she can customize every pen stroke and color to her liking. Check out her finished product here: The Notebook 9 Pro is now available for purchase on: Samsung official website: BestBuy: For more info, please visit our other pages: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: ARCore: Augmented Reality at Android Scale

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Nathan Martz ARCore is a brand new platform from Google that allows developers to build augmented reality (AR) experiences at Android scale. This session will provide developers with everything they need to start creating the next generation of smartphone AR apps, including a deep dive into the fundamental technologies that enable ARCore, an overview of the ARCore SDKs for Java, Unity, and Unreal, and a selection of technical and design best practices. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: The Impact of Connecting Cars into the Internet of Things

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Stephen L. Surhigh - Harman The invention of the automobile changed many aspects of people's lives. Infrastructure improvements such as paving dirt roads resulted in social and economic changes like enabling families to take vacations away from home. Historians agree that the automobile has had a significant historical impact on our modern lifestyles. As autonomous driving evolves and vehicles become more connected in the IoT space, the need for connectivity, data consumption, security and innovation become exponentially more important. The presentation will look at the automobile's expected impact on the IoT space and will introduce the Harman Ignite platform. Harman Ignite is a cloud-based platform designed to support the automobile's emersion into a broader IoT ecosystem that enables automotive OEMs to accelerate their autonomous vehicle visions. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Developing High-Fidelity Android Games: Collaboration Best Practices

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Eunsil Cho - Samsung, Ethan Choi - Hound13 Inc., Ito Kosei, Ebato Takahito - SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD Samsung recently collaborated with top game companies under the Galaxy GameDev Program to develop high-fidelity games like HIT, Vainglory and Lineage 2: Revolution. In this session, we will introduce some upcoming high-fidelity games and invite our key game developer partners to share their experiences in developing Hi-Fi games and the benefit of collaborating with Samsung. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Samsung VR Presents: Creating Scalable Video Content for Virtual Reality

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Jamie Leece - Major League Baseball, Michael Schmier - Samsung, Veda Shastri - The New York Times, Christian Tom - NowThis, Mia Tramz - Time inc We host a panel of some of the world's leading creators of 360 and immersive video content. Together we explore how companies are approaching creating new consumer behaviors for watching video in virtual reality. We will plan to pick one lucky member from the audience to also receive a free Gear 360 camera. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Monetizing Emotion

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Jason Krebs - Tenor Taking a deeper dive into brand advertisers, the revenue landscape as it relates to Emotions/GIFs and Tenor's monetization SDK for developers! From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: She's Designed Classic Games and He's A Game Journalist - Ask Us Anything!

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Amy Jo Kim - ShuffleBrain, Dean Takahashi - Gamesbeat I am a neuroscientist and bass player who designed classic games including Rock Band and The Sims. I am a technology journalist at VentureBeat who has been covering games for almost 20 years and recently caught some flak because of struggles conquering the game Cuphead... Ask Us Anything! From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Hey SDC, Tell Me About the Future of Voice

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Patrick Beaulieu - NVIDIA, Rich Brown - CNET, Brad Park - Samsung, Mark Spates - Google, Karthik Thirumalai - Microsoft, Brett Worthington - Samsung Voice control has quickly become the dominating subject in the world of consumer IoT with unprecedented device sales, user adoption, increased functionality, and major implications for how people live and interact in their homes. Join us alongside industry leaders for a panel about the future of voice technology hosted by Samsung SmartThings and moderated by CNET executive editor Rich Brown. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Striking an Emotional Chord in VR

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Eric Darnell - Baobab Studios, Ryan Horrigan - Felix & Paul Studios, Yelena Rachitsky - Oculus, Colum Slevin - Oculus, Claudia Southmartin - Baobab, Daniel Terdiman - Fastcompany VR is an emotionally compelling and effective storytelling medium with a new technical language. This panel will expand on some of the challenges in VR storytelling, such as transitioning from the novelty of VR to developing richer experiences for mobile users with high-quality characters and visuals. Eric Darnell, writer and director of the Madagascar films, is the Chief Creative Officer at Baobab Studios, creators of the Emmy-award winning Invasion!, follow-up Asteroids! and newest piece Rainbow Crow starring John Legend. Colum Slevin was formerly VP, Head of Studio Operations at Lucasfilm and is now the Head of Experiences at Oculus VR from Facebook. Ryan Horrigan is the Chief Content Officer at Felix & Paul Studios, makers of cinematic virtual re…

SDC 2017 Session: AI Startups: Challenges and Opportunities in Building Business Out of AI

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Mark Hammond - Bon.sai, Sindhu Joseph - Cognicor, Sai Soundararaj - FloydHub, Ji Soo Yi - Samsung AI is the key theme of many business areas. Unprecedented resources are being invested on AI research and business. There are also many AI startups. They are relatively small, but nimble. They search for their own problems. Thus, we invite a few promising startups to hear their unique challenges and opportunities in turning their AI technologies into a sustainable business, and their strategies to commercialize their solutions. We will also discuss what we can do together to build a healthy ecosystem of AI companies. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Home, Sweet Home! Power Your Smart Home From the Fridge

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Youngjoo Park, Sukwon Danny Choi It is no doubt that the kitchen is one of the most integral spaces in the household when it comes to sharing everyday life with family. We showed our passion for this space when we introduced the Smart Home Cloud API at last year's SDC. This year, we will be introducing a new API that can connect your devices and applications to our Family Hub refrigerators, powering your house to become a kitchen-centric smart home. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Become a Gear Watch Designer! Money Making Tips and Tricks from Top Designers

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Hyeonju Lee - Samsung, Melanie Lombardi - Echo Visuals, Inc., Christopher Shomo - Infinity watchfaces In this session, we explore how to create and monetize your watch face with the Gear Watch Designer (GWD) tool. We will introduce you to the GWD tool - which allows you to design a watch face without coding and share our sales statistics and best practices. We will also offer useful tips on watch face design, and hear the secrets of generating profits from some of the bestselling watch face vendors. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Taking the Road Less Traveled: In Pursuit of a Multi-Modal Experience for Bixby

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Kyoung-Gu Woo We started Bixby as a multi-modal voice interface, specialized in device control. You can tell Bixby whatever you want on your device and Bixby does it for you, based on the NLU technology behind the scene. To make Bixby respond to both touch and voice, we had to deal with two tricky problems of version-aware classification and utterance conflict resolution. In this talk we'd like to share our experiences on how we tackled the problems and evolved over the time. We hope you will enjoy this talk by becoming a NLU problem solver for a while. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Security Cameras + Toys + CO Detectors: What Could Go Wrong?

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: John Jefferies, Jaeyeon Jung - Samsung, Emily McReynolds - University of Washington, Maurice Stebila - HARMAN by Samsung This session explores frameworks for building trustworthy and resilient IoT systems that respect the privacy of users. We will delve into best security practices from industry and discuss challenges to meet them when designing and creating IoT devices. We also talk about many potential privacy threats posed by always connected devices and the various data collected about our life. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Samsung Secure OS : TEEgris for Trusted Application and Services

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Heekwan Lee This talk will introduce Samsung Secure OS - TEEgris. TEEgris is a system-wide security framework to provide trusted execution environment based on TrustZone. TEEgris provide a variant of GlobalPlatform APIs such as Cryptography, Trusted storage, Trusted user interface, and so on. In addition, we provide end-to-end service deployment environment for external developers to write, manage, deploy their trusted application and services on TEEgris. You can develop your own trusted application on TEEgris framework as we guarantee enhanced security and performance with multicore, multithreading feature. Join us and make a secure world. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Introduction to Samsung Voice Touch and Improved App Accessibility by Voice

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Keith Shin We'd like to bring to your attention our new Voice Touch feature that'll enable our user to access what he or she sees on the TV screen by simply speaking them to the TV remote. Right now the kind of on-screen texts that are executable by voice are limited to movie and app titles but will be extended to cover virtually everything that can be read from the whole screen. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Fish, Hamsters, Hammers and Selfies

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Neil Mendoza If you've ever wondered about ways you can reinvent your old phone with wings, or imbue hamsters with artificial artistic intelligence then this is the talk for you. Dive into some innovative uses of creative coding and electronics to bring unconventional digital creations to life physically, and often ironically. This session looks at the creative process behind some of his work, the challenges that arose along the way and the lessons learned about how to connect with people by playing with technology. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Works as A SmartThings Hub - The Embedded Hub Program

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Douglas Burman, Brett Worthington Join us to learn more about how SmartThings can enhance your ecosystem through our WASH (Works as A SmartThings Hub) program. We will discuss how you can integrate SmartThings technology into your products through our core hub SDK, the ZigBee & Z-Wave SmartThings Link device, and our local execution features. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Samsung ARTIK: Easy, Secure, Interoperable IoT

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Yadi (Yadwinder) Brar, Po Chiu, Wei Xiao Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform brings hardware modules and cloud services together, with built-in security and an ecosystem of tools and partners to speed up your time-to-market. We offer a wide range of modules to drive your IoT products, from edge nodes to hubs and gateways. Our high-end security solution is built into the DNA of ARTIK IoT platform with a secure software to store data safely on the devices. All ARTIK modules are integrated into the cloud, a built-in service that support interoperability, enabling developers to break silos and connect disparate devices and cloud services to one another. Our modules and cloud are the building blocks of your imagination. Join us to learn the essentials of jumpstarting with ARTIK Smart IoT platform! From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: How to Build an IoT Backend Using Node.js, Serverless & Docker

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Shubhra Kar Learn how to build, scale and operate an IoT backend with microservices running Serverless. This session will provide examples of how to develop and run IoT backends as FaaS (Functions as a Service) using an API Gateway, Kubernetes, Node.js and Docker. We will also cover home automation, transportation, retail and industrial IoT use cases. Reference architectures and open source code samples will be provided. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: The Tizen TV SDK and Building TV Apps Powered by .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Shane Cho, Amit Sharma - Samsung, Ed Snider - InfernoRed Technology Learn how to build apps for Samsung TVs! With the new Tizen TV SDK you can build TV apps using web technologies as well as .NET with Visual Studio. In this session, we will show you how to get started using the Tizen TV SDK, the Samsung TV APIs and how to use Xamarin.Forms with Tizen to write cross-platform .NET apps that can run on Samsung TVs. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Device Tailor in Your Back Pocket

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: June Na Transforming Samsung devices into purpose-built business appliances with our Knox Configure product offerings and the value proposition of customer benefits through Knox Configure solutions. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Samsung Pay and Visa Checkout: Integrating with the New Mobile Commerce Reality

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Javed Chaudry - Samsung, Dan Macias - Visa Both Samsung and Visa understand a shoppers journey and the importance of a quick and secure checkout experience. With the torrid rise of mobile commerce, in particular, Visa Checkout has now opened its platform to Samsung Pay users. While shopping at Visa Checkout merchants, Samsung Pay users will now be able to click the Visa Checkout/Samsung Pay co-branded button to checkout instantly by touching the fingerprint sensor on Samsung devices. No login or password will be required. In this session, you will see Visa Checkout/Samsung Pay demo, understand the benefits of the joint solution, and get a glimpse into actual integration of Visa Checkout Open Platform. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: The Key is In Your Eyes: An Intro to Samsung Pass and Biometric Security.

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Sungsoo Kim Samsung Pass provides a biometric authentication service leveraging sensors on our phones and PKI cryptography. The lecture will introduce Samsung Pass and various biometric technologies in the market. It will highlight how Samsung is trying to solve the problems of identity and authentication by incorporating various HW & SW components in one platform. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Comic Books, Movies and Music - An AMA Session with Stan Lee and Rain Paris

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Stan Lee - Marvel Comics, Rain Paris Hear from the legendary Stan Lee and his talented protégé, Rain Paris, who will discuss comic books, movies, music, and their upcoming collaboration! Ask them anything! From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Light Studies

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Bradley Munkowitz - GMUNK In this hyper-focused throw-down, we will explore both personal and client projects (including the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and the film The Chamber for the Samsung Connected Series) using a variety of different light forms, robotic installations, and science fiction UI. Focusing on the creative implications and aesthetics of these sources this will be a rapid-fire presentation full of visual stimuli and loads of inspiration for creative uses of this lovely medium. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Maximize Your TV Services Using KNOX

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Jongoh Hur - Samsung, Colin Park - McAfee At SDC 2016, Samsung announced a powerful and comprehensive Smart TV security solution for our entire 2016 line of Tizen-based Smart TVs. Over the last year, the solution has evolved to support various vertical markets such as payments, workplaces and management, enabling the development of innovative B2C and B2B security services. Join us to get an overview of this security platform and to learn how to enter these vertical markets using it. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: An Introduction to MQTT: Why HTTP isn't the King of the Internet of Things

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Shinji Kim, Robert Bird - Akamai As the growth of the Internet of Things explodes, the fundamental protocols underpinning it are changing. In particular, the dominant protocol for IoT globally is now MQTT, or Message Queue Telemetry Transport. In this presentation, Rob will provide an overview of the MQTT protocol, compare it with HTTP for devices big and small, and explain the advantages adopting MQTT provides application developers seeking the best user experience for IoT. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: How to Leverage a Multi-Cloud Architecture

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Steve Tuck - Joyent An overview of how cloud mature enterprises like Samsung Mobile are building apps to run on multiple clouds to balance cost savings, flexibility, and control over data. Specific topics will include: (i) approaches to managing a rapidly expanding storage footprint; (ii) security considerations of multi-cloud (iii) achieving application portability and developer productivity with open source tools and services. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Limbic VITALICS: Core -and Neuro- Rehabilitation Using Gear VR

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Dr. Patrik Künzler - Limbic Life Limbic VITALICS, an open collaboration project using Samsung VR technology and the Limbic Chair, is used for neuro and muscular rehabilitation. The Limbic Chair, developed by a former MIT neuroscience and medicine researcher, works harmoniously with Samsung's Gear VR to create an extremely immersive experience that simulates various parts of the brain. From: Samsung Mobile

SDC 2017 Session: Samsung IAP: Your Monetization Gateway for Galaxy Apps

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speaker: Gaby Rojas Jumpstart your app revenue with Samsung In-App Purchases (IAP)! Join us for an introduction to IAP, and a discussion on how to integrate it with your Android and Gear apps. We will share business benefits, where to get technical support, how to get promotional opportunities in Galaxy Apps, and more. From: Samsung Mobile

International unlocked Galaxy Note 8 is getting an update at last

In what has been an almost excruciating wait for Galaxy Note 8 owners, who spent a hefty amount to buy the device only to see no sign of a software update for more than two months, Samsung is finally pushing an update that includes the November security patch and a slew of other changes. The update, which started out in China and made its way to the T-Mobile Note 8 more than a week ago, is currently rolling out in Taiwan, and it shouldn’t take too long to reach other regions.Galaxy Note 8 update brings security upgrades and moreIn addition to the November security patch, the update brings improved performance in the Calendar, Gallery, Voice Recorder, and Reminder apps, a new secure Wi-Fi function, and a fix for an unexplained Samsung DeX error. The firmware version is N950FXXU1BQK6, and at upwards of 840 MB, is among the biggest OTA updates that don’t bring a major Android version upgrade that we have seen. But then again, with the time Samsung has taken to actually give us an update,…

Testing 123

Good day, SamMobilers,We are testing some fixes to our login system and the Poll system, could you please help us out and vote in the following poll: Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. The post Testing 123 appeared first on SamMobile.

Samsung has a Swarovski SMARTgirl Limited Edition Galaxy S8+ in Spain

Over in Spain, Samsung is selling a special edition of the already special Rose Pink Galaxy S8+ called SMARTgirl Limited Edition. What’s in this edition? Well, Samsung is just bundling a shiny Swarovski case with the phone to attract the ladies, probably those who weren’t already sold on the regular Pink Rose Galaxy S8+. The case itself doesn’t seem to be as studded with jewels as usual Swarovski cases, since the price of the SMARTgirl Limited Edition is only €949.00. Well, that’s still a high price, but not as high as you would usually find such editions to be.SMARTgirl Limited Edition Galaxy S8+ is, well, limited in availabilitySamsung only seems to be selling this in Spain, and once stocks for the phone are over, it will be taken off the market. It’s possible Samsung will bring the special edition to other European markets, but it seems unlikely that will happen. Hopefully, Samsung will at least bring the Pink Rose Galaxy S8+ to other markets, maybe along with the Burgundy Red vers…

Samsung Presents: Washing Machine – The Movie

Introducing Samsung Newsroom Spain

Samsung Electronics recently launched Samsung Newsroom Spain, the country’s new, go-to communications channel for Samsung-related information and content.Samsung Newsroom Spain combines Spanish-language resources with content from the English-language Global newsroom, and features press releases and company and product news, as well as information on Samsung’s corporate vision, projects and education-enriching initiatives.In addition to covering the company’s latest updates and activities, the channel offers a wide collection of multimedia resources, including images, videos and infographics. On occasion, it will also serve as a platform to tune in to live streams of a variety of can’t-miss global events, such as press conferences and product launches.Samsung Newsroom Spain is among the company’s many local editions of newsrooms overall, which includes newsrooms in the U.S., Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, India (English and Hindi), Germany, Russia, Mexico, the U.K., Argentina, Malaysia, Ital…

Samsung launches Galaxy S8+ SMARTgirl limited edition

Samsung mass producing 2nd gen 10nm FinFET process technology

Samsung has announced today that it has started mass production of chips based on the company’s second generation 10nm FinFET process technology. Called 10LPP (Low Power Plus), the company says the second-generation process will allow up to 10 percent higher performance or 15 percent lower power consumption over the first generation 10nm process.Second generation 10nm process technology hits mass productionSamsung has kicked off a new manufacturing line in Hwaseong, Korea to be able to meet the demand that will arise for chips based on the new 10 nm process. According to Ryan Lee, vice president of Foundry Marketing at Samsung Electronics, the company will now look towards 8nm as well as 7nm technology. We’re still some ways away from seeing mass production of 7nm chips, but at the pace Samsung is moving, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it bring 7nm to the mainstream by the end of next year.Naturally, we can expect the new 10nm process to be used for building the Snapdragon 845 and S…

Latest Android 8.0 Oreo beta rolling out for the Galaxy S8 in the US

Samsung has released the third iteration of its Android 8.0 Oreo beta firmware in the United States, following its rollout in the United Kingdom last week. Unlike the upgrade that made the rounds over the pond, this latest update bundles a number of miscellaneous bug fixes, according to the lengthy changelog.Related: Samsung has begun testing the Galaxy S9 with Android 8.0 OreoThere could be a simple explanation for that, though: there’s a chance that the firm didn’t list all of the changes in its first changelog—but that seems unlikely. What’s more probable, however, is that Samsung had to patch a number of additional bugs exclusive to the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S8.How do I check to see if the OTA is ready for my Galaxy S8?If you’re enrolled in Samsung’s Android 8.0 Oreo Beta Program and would like to check to see if the latest update is available for your Galaxy S8, head into Settings, select Software Update, then tap Download Updates Manually—and while it’s downloading, b…

Samsung Starts Mass Production of its 2nd Generation 10nm FinFET Process Technology

Galaxy A7 (2016) gets update with S Bike mode support in India

Two weeks after the Galaxy A5 (2016) was updated with support for S Bike mode in India, Samsung is rolling out a similar update for the Galaxy A7 (2016) in the country. Samsung has announced availability of the update in its forums, and along with support for S Bike mode, the update also installs the Samsung Members app on the device and bumps the security patch date to November 1. The Samsung Members app was always available for download from the Play Store, and the update will install it for anyone who doesn’t already have it on their phone.Galaxy A7 (2016) gains S Bike mode supportIt’s the opposite for S Bike mode, however. While the phone will support S Bike mode after the update, you will have to download the necessary app from the Play Store before you can use it. For those unaware, S Bike mode is for bike riders who number in the millions in India and want to focus on the road instead of being distracted by the phone. Once enabled, S Bike mode disables all incoming calls and no…

SamMobile Daily Recap: November 28, 2017 — Cinema LED Display, Galaxy S9 and more!

Galaxy S8 owners reporting frustrating camera focus bug

A number of Galaxy S8 owners have taken to Samsung’s Community Forum to report a frustrating issue that’s preventing their handset from automatically focusing when taking pictures using the default Camera application and third-party offerings, like Snapchat.With autofocus out of play, one would think that you’d be able to use manual focus—but you can’t. No matter what mode you’re shooting in, the device consistently churns out blurry images—and that isn’t what you’d expect from $700+ smartphone.Here’s the good news: Samsung has issued a statement on the matter, outlining a few things you can do to rectify the bug (listed below). If they don’t work, however, you can send your unit in for repair under the terms of the firm’s one-year warranty.Ensure your handset’s operating system and all of your applications are up-to-date.Gently tap the back of your unit to lodge any loose components back into place.Clear all application caches and data.Perform a full factory reset.Hardware- or softwa…

Samsung’s 4K Cinema LED Display is en route to Europe

Samsung has revealed that it’s bringing its 10.3-meter-wide 4K Cinema LED Display to Europe. The first unit is currently being prepped for installation, as part of a partnership between the firm, Arena Cinemas and Imaculix AG, at Arena Cinema Sihlcity in Zurich, Switzerland, with a launch scheduled to take place next year.Showcased at an event in South Korea back in July, Samsung’s high-resolution Cinema LED Display is an all-in-one theater screen that employs next-generation picture quality and enhanced audio to provide the best possible viewing experience, without the distracting gray stripes associated with traditional projectors.Related:World’s first Cinema LED display unveiled by Samsung“Based on elimination of the projector beam and the high luminosity of the Cinema LED, there are a host of new possibilities for interior design, and we are removing the existing furnishings, and implementing an innovative seating concept to provide a new kind of cinematic experience,” said Edi St…

Unlocked Galaxy Note 8 gets November security patch update in the US

Those owning an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 in the US are finally getting the latest security patches on their phone. An update with the November 2017 security patch is rolling out to the unlocked model of the Galaxy Note 8 in the country. Verizon, in fact, is also releasing an update for its carrier-locked variant, but that one seems to have only the October security patch (although it does include a fix for the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability).Verizon’s update for its carrier-locked variant includes changes to the Live Focus interface in the camera. After the update is installed, the Live Focus ready notification will be shown with a bright yellow background, so it’s easier to know once the camera is ready to take a Live Focus photo. The update also adds “+” and “-” icons to the background blur adjustment slider so users can tap on them to increase or reduce the level of background blur in Live Focus mode in incremental steps.It’s unclear if these camera app changes are included in the update …

Samsung Galaxy Note8: Fearless Feats in 4K

From zip-lining and cliff diving to tree camping and beautiful nature scenes, you'll feel as if you were there for each epic moment. Get immersed in the action of this 4K video captured by the Galaxy Note8. See more images captured by the Galaxy Note8: From: Samsung Mobile

[Poll] Check out these concept images of a Galaxy S9 with minimal bezels

We had recently published a story talking about the possibility of the Galaxy S9 featuring as much as a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio. There’s no guarantee the rumor will pan out, but if the Galaxy S9 does launch with next to no bottom bezel and reduced top bezel, a couple of concept images give us a nice example of what Samsung’s upcoming flagship might look like.These concept images are quite cool, and we’d love it if this is the final design of the Galaxy S9. It may not look uniform if the top bezel is bigger than the bottom bezel, but it would allow Samsung to keep the necessary components in place without using a notch and also take things closer to a true bezel-less design. Again, there’s no telling what the Galaxy S9 will actually look like unless live images of the device make an appearance, but if these concept images are anything close to reality, you won’t find us complaining.Check out the concept images below, and let us know your thoughts through the poll and by leaving…

Samsung Develops Battery Material with 5x Faster Charging Speed

Recently, a team of researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) developed a “graphene* ball,” a unique battery material that enables a 45% increase in capacity, and five times faster charging speeds than standard lithium-ion batteries. The breakthrough provides promise for the next generation secondary battery market, particularly related to mobile devices and electric vehicles. In its research, SAIT collaborated closely with Samsung SDI as well as a team from Seoul National University’s School of Chemical and Biological Engineering.Exploring Next Generation Battery TechnologyLithium-ion batteries were first commercialized in 1991, and widely applied to markets for mobile devices and electric vehicles. However, with standard lithium batteries requiring charging times of at least an hour to fully charge, even with quick charging technology, and considered to have reached their limit for capacity expansion, there have been numerous attempts to explore use of new i…

Here are a few real-life images of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8

The Burgundy Red version of the Galaxy S8 goes on sale in South Korea today, and it looks like some folks have already gotten their hands on the device. Ice Universe, a constant source of reliable information on Samsung devices, has shared pictures of the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, with the pictures taken right after the phone was unboxed.Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 in the fleshIn the flesh, the Burgundy Red treatment isn’t as striking as it is in Samsung’s promotional images, but the phone looks beautiful nonetheless. If anything, it makes us sad that red isn’t a color option that Samsung makes available at the very beginning of a flagship’s market launch. We can see a lot of takers for the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, even though it is coming at a time when the S8 is no longer the latest Samsung flagship and will also be succeeded by the Galaxy S9 in a few months.That’s not to say the Galaxy S8 isn’t an excellent phone, and at its current prices, it’s a great purchase. But one thing that needs t…

Samsung has purportedly begun testing the Galaxy S9 with Android 8.0 Oreo

It looks like Samsung has begun testing the Galaxy S9 in earnest. Galaxy Club is reporting that both the regular S9 and the Plus models are currently being tested with Android 8.0.0 Oreo. There’s nothing concrete to go on here, but it should come as no surprise that Samsung is putting its upcoming flagship through the paces already. Software development takes time, and testing usually starts early to make sure the software and hardware work well together in the final product.Galaxy S9 software testing underway with Android 8.0.0 OreoGalaxy Club notes that the Galaxy S9 is being tested on Android 8.0.0 and not Android 8.1, but that’s yet another unsurprising factor here. Samsung has never been the leader when it comes to launching new phones with the most current Android build, and Android 8.1 is in the beta stage for even Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices. Then there’s also the fact that not every point Android version upgrade has features that are targeted at non-Google devices.Furthe…

Exclusive: Galaxy A7 (2018) might not launch in most of Europe

We can’t confirm if Samsung is throwing away the existing naming scheme for its upcoming Galaxy A smartphones, and we can’t be completely sure if the Galaxy A7 (2018) will be skipping most of Europe when Samsung’s new A series goes official. But we can say that the latter is looking somewhat plausible based on the information we have received. According to our sources, Samsung might not be planning to launch the A7 (2018) in most European markets, with only Germany, Poland, and Russia on the list of initial launch countries.No Galaxy A7 (2017) for Europe?While we can’t confirm it’s set in stone, it might not be surprising to see Samsung limiting Europe to the Galaxy A5 (2018). With the Infinity display on-board, the A5 (2018) could be the right device for those who prefer compact phones and those who like large displays. Just look at how compact the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 is despite having plenty of screen estate. The Galaxy A7 (2018), if it has a display sized 6 inches or larger, may be …