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Inside the Google team that dreams up colors

How do you bring a new color to life? Just ask Isabelle Olsson, who leads Google's Color, Materials and Finish team. "Every year we work on hundreds of new colors, but maybe one or two make it," she says. They dream up colors for things like Nest Minis and Pixel phones and develop them from scratch. Their goal is to create colors you'd love to see, not hide away in a cabinet or case. 
Among the latest to make the cut can be found in the new Pixel Buds: Oh So Orange, Clearly White, Quite Mint and Almost Black. I recently spent time talking to Isabelle about why color is so important and where she finds inspiration—and of course, which Pixel Buds shade is her personal favorite. Where did your interest in design first come from?There's been one consistent thing I've always wanted to do, and that's make people smile. When I was little, industrial design wasn't a profession I was aware of, so I did things like stage design for plays, designing costumes and …

Samsung Internet now saves you money online with Rakuten Cash Back

Love shopping online? Then you're going to love Rakuten Cash Back. The service allows you to get cash back on purchases from your favorite brands so that you can buy the stuff you want while also saving some money in the process.Rakuten today announced that it's bringing the Rakuten Cash Back extension to Samsung Internet. This extension has been purpose-built for Samsung Galaxy devices so that it offers deep integration with the Samsung Internet browser.Shop online with Samsung Internet and save moneyAvailable to Samsung users in the United States, the Rakuten Cash Back extension can be downloaded now from the Galaxy Store. They can start earning cash back on online purchases after signing up for a free Rakuten membership.Once the extension has been installed, it will automatically detect cash back offers, discounts, coupons and other online shopping promotions from the over 3,500 merchants that support Cash Back with Rakuten. The accumulated cash back can then be withdrawn t…

Latest Firmware Updates: Galaxy S7, Galaxy S9, Galaxy A70, and more

Samsung releases new firmware updates for dozens of smartphones and tablets every single day. It can often be difficult to keep track of them all, particularly if you're someone who likes to always have the latest firmware on their device.Not all of the updates are significant or bring new features. Most updates only bring the latest monthly security patches. Long-awaited major OS updates continue to be rolled out for devices across various regions, so it's always a great idea to check if that update you've been waiting for is finally out.You can check out this handy list to see if your device has received an update over the past 24 hours. If it has, simply head over to our firmware archive and download it. You can find any and all firmware for Samsung devices in our database.Model NameCountry (Product Code)ModelVersionPDASecurity PatchGalaxy A20Spint (cdma)(SPR)SM-A205U10A205USQU5BTF32020-06-01Galaxy A20Spint (cdma)(SPR)SM-A205U9A205USQS5ATE22020-05-01Galaxy A20USA(USC)SM…