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Oculus announces Chromecast support for the Samsung Gear VR

Oculus has just announced that it has added Chromecast support for the Gear VR. The latest version of the Oculus app on your compatible Galaxy device will let you stream virtual reality content to a nearby TV that’s connected to a Google Chromecast.Gear VR owners can hit the Cast button in the new Oculus app and then step inside the Gear VR so that they can enjoy the VR apps or games with their family and friends. With this feature, other people inside the room can see what you’re doing in VR on a nearby Cast-enabled TV.People can now show off their VR gaming skills or host a VR party night using the Gear VR. This is also an excellent way to introduce people to VR since you can see everything on the TV that they do in the Gear VR headset, and you can direct them step by step.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Material Design

Welcome to the latest edition of Wallpaper Wednesday. This week we’re highlighting five backgrounds that comply with Google’s Material Design guidelines. All of the images are available in a suitable resolution for the Galaxy S8Galaxy S8+ and just about any other smartphone on the market.If any of the following images float your boat and you want to download and set one as your wallpaper, simply tap on the photo to maximise it, then click and hold to save it. Once the picture is stored locally, open up Settings, locate and select Wallpaper, then just press the image to set it as your background.AporteConnectionsIllusionRedscapeShipDownloadNote: These wallpapers were downloaded from Material Wallpapers.

SamMobile Daily Recap: May 31, 2017 — Galaxy Note 5, Notebook 9 Pro and more!

We publish a lot of stories on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the majority of news breaks during our European hours of operation, which makes it difficult for our readers in the US (and other regions) to keep up. However, we think we’ve come up with a fantastic solution — a daily recap.Here’s what we published today.DealsDaily Deal: Save 8% on a Gear VR (2017) with ControllerFirmware NewsSamsung rolls out an update to fix the Galaxy S8′s connectivity issues in the UKLaptopsSamsung unveils Notebook 9 Pro with S Pen at Computex 2017PhonesGalaxy J3 (2017) spotted running Android 7.1Samsung retires My Knox in favor of Secure FolderSamsung will publish a detailed white paper on the Galaxy Note 7 recallPolls[Poll] Would you pay more for a Galaxy S8 or S8+ with sapphire glass?Tips & TricksGalaxy S8 Tip: Use Smart Lock to easily unlock your phone in certain scenariosWatchesLatest Gear Fit 2 update enhances its features

Best Buy starts selling the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

Best Buy has today commenced sales of the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the United States. The handsets are priced at $724.99 and $824.99, respectively, and are only available in the (slightly boring) Midnight Black hue.Obviously, there aren’t any differences between the unlocked model of the Galaxy S8 and the version you’d pick up through, say, AT&T. The only thing you’re gaining by opting for this variant is the facility to switch carriers as and when you please.For those in need of a refresher, the Galaxy S8 sports a 5.8-inch Infinity Display, an Exynos 8895/Snapdragon 835 processor, a 12MP rear-facing camera, an 8MP front-facing shooter and a 3,000mAh battery.The Galaxy S8+, which is actually our preferred device, is almost identical to the regular Galaxy S8; however, it has a slightly larger 6.2-inch Infinity Display and a beefier 3,500mAh cell.On a related note, Best Buy also confirmed that it’s started shipping the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to all customers w…

Samsung rolls out an update to fix the Galaxy S8′s connectivity issues in the UK

Last week, Samsung started distributing a maintenance update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the United Arab Emirates — and now it’s rolling out an identical upgrade in the United Kingdom.While the release doesn’t bring any new features to the handsets, it does pack a plethora of bug fixes and stability improvements, including the changes included in this month’s security release.Read more: Samsung details contents of May security patchMore notably, the update addresses a Bluetooth bug that resulted in a handset rebooting when attempting to control music playing through a wireless speaker or in-car entertainment system.If you’d like to see if the OTA is ready for your unit, follow the following steps: SettingsSoftware UpdateDownload Updates Manually. If it doesn’t show up, it means it hasn’t reached your device yet, so repeat the process in a couple of hours.

Samsung retires My Knox in favor of Secure Folder

My Knox was a free security solution from Samsung that enabled users to keep their work and personal data separate on one device. The My Knox app created a container which could only be accessed by an authorized user. All files and data would be safely encrypted within the container. It was a full virtual Android environment with its own home screen, launcher, apps and widgets.Samsung now has a more effective solution for this, one that doesn’t weigh down on the device as much as My Knox did. It’s called Secure Folder and it runs on devices with Android Nougat OS or higher only.The company is sending termination notices to My Knox users today, informing them that My Knox is no longer going to be available on new Samsung devices in 2017. Users who require a secure space on their handset have been advised to set up Secure Folder, which is now available from Galaxy Apps.Secure Folder relies on Samsung’s defense-grade Knox security platform and creates a private, encrypted space on the de…

Gear Fit2 Software Update Adds More Ways to Maximize Training

Samsung’s Gear Fit2 allows users to ‘sweat smarter’ by accurately tracking a wide range of exercises and providing insights to help you take charge of your fitness. The GPS sports band’s latest software update strengthens its heart-rate and exercise-tracking abilities and adds new ways for users to maximize their training.The Gear Fit2’s update makes tracking fitness progress more intuitive and effective. Once a user completes an exercise with their Gear Fit2, for instance, listed among their post-workout stats will be a color-coded graph displaying time spent in various heart-rate zones. Broken down by level of exertion – ‘Moderate’, ‘Vigorous’ and ‘Maximum’ – the chart takes the user’s maximum heart rate into account to provide a simple rundown of the exercise’s efficiency.Automatic activity detection has also been enhanced. Whenever a user exercises for more than ten minutes, the Gear Fit2 automatically activates its fitness-tracking functions. With the new update, the map displaye…

Daily Deal: Save 8% on a Gear VR (2017) with Controller

Amazon has slashed 8% off the price of the recently-released Gear VR (2017) with Controller, meaning you can currently pick one up for $119.94. There’s a caveat, though. You’ll need to reside in the US (or know somebody who does and is willing to forward the package to you) in order to take advantage of the promotion.Read more: Hands-on with Samsung’s Gear VR controllerJust like its predecessor, the Gear VR (2017) supports both microUSB and USB Type-C — so it’s not only compatible with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but it will also work with the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.To go ahead and purchase the Gear VR (2017) with Controller, hit the Buy Now button below. You’ll probably want to hurry though, as it inventory won’t be around for too long — and once it’s gone, it’s gone. If you miss out on this particular offer, don’t worry. We cover a new deal every single day.

Galaxy S8 Tip: Use Smart Lock to easily unlock your phone in certain scenarios

One of the most useful features in Android has to be Smart Lock. Smart Lock is a great way to make using your phone more convenient by letting you skip the lock screen security when certain conditions are met. You can set your phone to stay unlocked if it’s connected to a particular Bluetooth device (like your Gear smartwatch or your car stereo), when it’s at a certain location, or when the device is being actively used. On the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Smart Lock can be particularly useful if you have secured your phone with a fingerprint, so that you have to reach for the awkwardly placed fingerprint sensor less often.Smart Lock is designed to pop up on its own when a phone is connected to a new Bluetooth device for the first time, but as mentioned above, it can also be setup for when other conditions are met. Follow the instructions below to see how you can enable Smart Lock for various scenarios.On-body detectionWith on-body detection enabled, your phone will stay unlocked if it detects …

Samsung will publish a detailed white paper on the Galaxy Note 7 recall

The Galaxy Note 7 recall last year was an unexpected crisis for Samsung last year. The company would never have thought that it would have to recall its new flagship smartphone twice before discontinuing production and taking billions in losses due to lost sales.The company conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and revealed the cause, it also highlighted the steps that it has taken to make sure that something like that doesn’t happen again.According to a report from South Korea, Samsung is planning to publish a detailed white paper on the Galaxy Note 7 recall. “A white paper on the Note fiasco will be published soon,” says a Samsung executive quoted in the report.The white paper project is reportedly being led by researchers and working-level officials at Samsung and Samsung SDI. Some officials from the chief risk management office are said to be onboard as well, it’s a new team that Samsung set up after the Galaxy Note 7 recall last year.The white paper is expected to of…

Latest Gear Fit 2 update enhances its features

Samsung is rolling out a new software update for the Gear Fit 2 which improves its heart-rate and exercise-tracking abilities. It also brings new ways for users to maximize the impact of their training. The company says that this update is going to make fitness tracking more intuitive and effective.For example, once a user completes an exercise with the Gear Fit 2, they will see a color-coded graph which will display time spent in various heart-rate zones. The graph will be broken down by level of exertion which ranges from Moderate to Maximum.Samsung has also improved automatic activity detection with this update. When a user exercises for more than ten minutes, the Gear Fit 2 will automatically activate its fitness-tracking features. The map displayed after a user completes an auto-tracked workout will also display their approximate location.The company has added support for customizable pace targets. Users can input their desired distance and time using the Samsung Health app and b…

[Poll] Would you pay more for a Galaxy S8 or S8+ with sapphire glass?

The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are two of the most beautiful smartphones ever made, and (almost) everyone is awed by their design. The phones are expensive, and they feel premium thanks to their glass-and-metal build, but that also makes these phones more susceptible to drops. There’s Gorilla Glass 5 on the front as well as the rear of these smartphones, but it can shatter very easily if you drop the phone on a hard surface, especially since the Galaxy S8 is said to be the most fragile phone ever made.I’ve protected my Galaxy S8+ with a Spigen Rugged Armor case, but it feels almost criminal to hide such a beautiful phone in a case. So, what’s the solution? Well, sapphire glass is said to be stronger than Gorilla Glass, but it costs a bomb and isn’t available in a capacity that would make it viable enough to be used as a Gorilla Glass 5 replacement. However, if Samsung decided to make a sapphire glass variant of the Galaxy S8, would you be willing to spend extra money to buy that var…

Galaxy J3 (2017) spotted running Android 7.1

On Monday, the long-rumored Galaxy J3 (2017) broke cover in a series of leaked press renders, and now the Chinese variant of the handset has been spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s online database.As you’d expect, the listing doesn’t cast a light on any of the device’s internals, but it does reveal something else that’s particularly interesting: the Galaxy J3 (2017) submitted for testing was running Android 7.1.Why’s this interesting, I hear you ask? Well, all of Samsung’s other Nougat-touting smartphones — like the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ — are still on Android 7.0.What this essentially means is if the Galaxy J3 (2017) ships running Android 7.1 in China, there’s a good chance Samsung will bring it to other handsets in the not-too-distant future.Seeing as Samsung typically launches all of its J series smartphones in China first, it’s possible that the Galaxy J5 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017) will also come with Android 7.1 preloaded.According to recent leaks, the…

Samsung Bulgaria Utilizes Technology to Bring Students Their Digital Heritage

Samsung Bulgaria is using technology to preserve precious pieces of Bulgarian history and share these digitized treasures through partnerships with Archives State Agency and Junior Achievement Bulgaria. For Samsung, this strategic project builds upon our work in the field of digital education, built around the philosophy that technology can be harnessed to significantly improve education and access to it.The strategic partnership between Samsung Bulgaria and Archives State Agency began in 2015, with the main objective of digitizing valuable documents and archives to ensure their preservation and promotion, as part of a national cultural and historic heritage initiative.As a result of the partnership, over 22, 000 historical documents and photos have been digitized and are now available to the general public online. The documents cover key topics including: authorities and government; Balkan wars; Photo archive; Czechs in post-liberation Bulgaria; Works of fine arts; Lists of deaths in…

[Design Story] Experience the Innovation, Samsung Lifestyle TV

A new era of spatial design has begun. When choosing items to design their spaces, people no longer seek technical premiums, or blindly follow trends. People nowadays base their design needs in each individual preference and lifestyle, rather than being conscious of others. This goes the same for TVs. Now, users personally choose their TVs and place it in their homes in a way that best suits their lifestyles. In light of this, it was necessary to redefine and innovate the TV experience in order to design a TV that can intimately and harmoniously meld with individual lives.This was TV“TVs are always found in the same places.
It’s surrounded with various devices.
Wires are everywhere, uncontained, in disarray.
Their shapes and colors are identical.
Once installed, a TV takes root and becomes hard to relocate.
The biggest, most expensive TV is the best.
When turned-off, a TV adds nothing to the space.
Choosing a TV and interior design are two separate things.”To bring innovation to TV de…

Samsung Electronics Raises the Bar for the TV Accessory Market

Samsung Electronics, the leading global TV manufacturer, announced the rollout of its QLED TV accessories, featuring unique TV stands and its own transparent ‘Invisible Connection’ optical cables.With the release of these new QLED accessories, Samsung is reinforcing its commitment to providing users with the flexibility and choice to place their TVs anywhere in the room. In addition to the standard TV stand that comes with all QLED TVs, consumers can now purchase the Samsung Studio Stand or the Samsung Gravity Stand to match their personal tastes and lifestyle.Starting in the US, Europe and Korea, sales of the QLED TV accessories including stands and optical cables will gradually extend globally.“The QLED TV is a lifestyle television specifically designed with the consumer’s space in mind,” said Hyeon-seok Kim, President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We aim to raise the bar and set a new standard for the TV accessory market, allowing TVs to serve as a functio…

SamMobile Daily Recap: May 30, 2017 — Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S8 and more!

Samsung Z4 hands-on: Tizen on yet another entry-level handset

Traditionally, every new device in a particular smartphone lineup comes with a couple of upgrades over the previous device. With Tizen, Samsung threw that tradition out the window with the third Tizen handset, the Samsung Z2. Well, it tweaked tradition rather than throwing it away: The Z2 was launched after the Z3, with specs that slot in between those offered by the Z3 and the Z1. Now, Samsung has launched the Z4, putting its Tizen lineup back on track as far as the nomenclature is concerned. But when it comes to specs, even the Z4 sits below the Z3.We have gotten our hands on the Samsung Z4, and it looks like the Korean giant will continue to pursue the bottom rung of the budget market as far as features and pricing are concerned. The Z4, like the Z2, is a chubby phone with a 4-inch display and a rather boring design. Actually, on the gold variant, the textured look at the rear borders on the ugly. It’s a clear step down from the red version of the Z2, which looked quite attractive …