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Galaxy Z Flip, S20, and S20+ greenlit in Thailand while S20 Ultra is MIA

The Galaxy Z Flip, as well as the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+, have been all but officially confirmed to launch in Thailand in the near future. The smartphones have just been approved by Thailand's National Broadcasting Telecommunications Commissions (NBTC).The regulatory body reconfirms the SM-F700F, SM-G980F, and SM-G985F model numbers, and the fact that they all offer dual-SIM support. The model numbers are associated with the LTE variants, and only time will tell if Samsung will introduce any 5G versions in Thailand in the following months. The country's first commercial 5G network is planned to go live by the end of the year, but Samsung will likely limit the Galaxy S20 release in Thailand to LTE models.The Galaxy S20 Ultra is MIA but could get greenlit laterInterestingly enough, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which will be released only as a 5G device, doesn't seem to have visited the NBTC along with its siblings. It could arrive later, or it might not be released in Thailand …

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review: This phone exists, and it’s pretty good

The Galaxy S10 Lite comes at a time when Samsung is getting ready to unveil the Galaxy S11, or the Galaxy S20 as the company has decided to call it. The Galaxy S10 Lite's spec sheet combines a lot of tech from various mid-range and flagship Galaxy phones from last year. You have the Galaxy S10's Snapdragon 855 processor, the Galaxy A70's 4,500 mAh battery with 25W super fast charging, and a rear camera setup that's pretty similar to what you find on the Galaxy A51.The only unique thing about the S10 Lite is what Samsung calls Super Steady OIS for the camera, which improves stability by allowing the camera sensor to move in all directions to offset hand movements. As such, the Galaxy S10 Lite doesn't really fit in any category. One can say it's a mid-range phone with flagship elements, a combination we have previously seen with the Galaxy A90 5G.The Galaxy S10 Lite is much more widely available than the A90 5G, but does it offer the right amount of features for …