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RadioScout: Music Recognition & Radio Stream

RadioScout: Music Recognition & Radio StreamVERSION/BUILD:2.5UPDATED:28 January 2018REQUIRES ANDROID:4.2 and upFILE SIZE:19.72 MRadioScout is your ultimate hub for all things music!Featuring one of the largest collections of online radio stations on Google Play, you’ll have access to over 30,000 stations on your smartphone covering every genre and topic you can think of. Heard a track you love? Our song recognition feature helps you ID music tracks in seconds.BROWSE & STREAM A HUGE RANGE OF ONLINE RADIO STATIONSBrowse, stream & enjoy over 30,000 AM / FM online radio stations covering every genre possible. Discover new music every day and listen to your favourite tracks all in one convenient place. With a clean, intuitive interface, it’s easy to navigate and search through thousands of quality internet radio stations from all over the world with just a couple of taps. Your new favourite radio station is waiting!Not sure exactly what songs you’d like to listen to? The radios…

Fat Mouse: Arcade Family Games for kids and adults

Fat Mouse: Arcade Family Games for kids and adultsVERSION/BUILD:1.60UPDATED:28 January 2018REQUIRES ANDROID:2.3 and upFILE SIZE:32.96 MFat Mouse and Family Games : funny arcade games for kids and adults, boys and girls to play!Feed your family game! How to be a good papa? Give them their favorite foods!Emo the fat papa mouse is so hungry and wants to eat a lot of cheese. Please also get foods to feed other family members. Mama mouse likes to eat cheese salad. Brother mouse likes to eat cheeseburger. Sister mouse likes to eat cheesecake. Cute baby mouse likes to drink milk. The goal of the game is to make everybody full and happy!Feel free to email us if you have any ideas, questions or feedback:[email protected]Fat Mouse & Family Arcade Games 2017
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What's NewFat Mouse: Arcade Family Games Version 1.60
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Lineage2 Revolution

Lineage2 Revolution Netmarble GamesRole PlayingVERSION/BUILD: 0.21.07 UPDATED: 29 January 2018 REQUIRES ANDROID: 4.4 and up FILE SIZE: 98.9 M Temple of Creation Update!
New and more powerful Temporal Rift

▶ Temple of Creation Update
- New and more powerful Temporal Rift
Master the Temple of Creation with the strongest party, and get Hagios' Cloak!

▶World Boss "Zaken"
- More powerful at night! Vampire Pirates!
- The strongest world boss "Zaken" appears!

▶ Account Storage has added
- No more worries about Inventory Slots!
Account Storage has updated in Magnadin!

■■ Game Features ■■
▶A Real World at your Fingertips: The Largest Persistant Open World on Mobile
Play in synchronous real-time with players from across the globe,
and experience the realm of Lineage2 Revolution from anywhere, anytime.

▶The Groundbreaking Lineage Series: Better than Ever
Lineage's high quality graphics and favorite landmarks are optimized for mobile and brought to life in breathtaking detail …

Child Growth Tracker

Child Growth Tracker ABQ App SourceMedicalVERSION/BUILD: 25.0 UPDATED: 29 January 2018 REQUIRES ANDROID: 4.0.3 and up FILE SIZE: 2.0 M Record multiple children's weight, height, and head circumference measurements and use them to generate growth charts and percentiles from birth to age 20 for some measurements.

Both the CDC and WHO charts are included, as well as the Fenton gestational age charts for pre-term babies or ultrasound measurements. All percentiles are calculated using the same high accuracy LMS method doctor's offices often use.

You can save images of your child's charts or percentile tables to share, put in a baby book, or take along to discuss with your child's doctor. Easily export and import data to an open CSV format. Compare two children's growth curves, or enter a parent's data and compare child with parent.

Want an ad-free experience? Try Child Growth Tracker Pro!

* Easy to use and completely free!
* Record measurements for an unlimited nu…


Brightwheel - Classroom Management & Business Tool brightwheelEducationVERSION/BUILD: 3.7.4 UPDATED: 28 January 2018 REQUIRES ANDROID: 4.1 and up FILE SIZE: 9.84 M Welcome Shark Tank fans! Brightwheel is everything you need for your early education program all in one simple app. Our top rated product and best-in-class support team are waiting for you!

With brightwheel, administrators can manage their business, teachers can save valuable time, and parents can engage with their child’s education.

Join the thousands of programs across the globe that have fallen in love with brightwheel!

SCHOOLS / CHILDCARE / CAMPS: Manage your students and classrooms, track attendance and room ratios, share photos and videos, assess learning milestones, communicate with parents, send paperless invoices and payments, and manage staff.

PARENTS: Engage in your child’s day with a real-time feed of photos, videos, reminders, and updates, use brightwheel’s digital check-in to securely sign in and out, pay tuition …

The Way to Uganda

The Way to UgandaVERSION/BUILD:1.07UPDATED:28 January 2018REQUIRES ANDROID:4.1 and upFILE SIZE:34.1 MUgandan Knuckles needs you to show him de wae to de queen.Don't let him fall and get trolled, spit and clicked on.You are de only hope of Ugandan people!If you have any questions or concerns, email devs at[email protected]Tags: arcade, memes, uganda, knuckles, de wae, dab, queen, runner, dolpgames, vrchat, troll, fun game, red sonic, tank, soviet flag
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What's NewAdded:
New background art!
2 new characters!
Leaderboard fix and other minor bug fixes.
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Unfollow for Twitter

Unfollow for TwitterVERSION/BUILD:1.2UPDATED:27 January 2018REQUIRES ANDROID:4.0 and upFILE SIZE:2.6 MUnfollow or Follow for Twitter is the best tool to track non followers, recent unfollowers, followers, etc on your twitter account.This is the best tool to manage your twitter account and grow your twitter followers. It is a free light-weight tool to find out who unfollowed you on twitter. You can even find out who are your fans and who your recent followers or unfollowers are.Features ofUnfollow or Follow for Twitter Growth-• Non-Followers: Find users whom you follow but who do not follow you back. And you can just unfollow them from the app.• Fans: Find your twitter followers whom you do not follow back. And you can follow them directly from the app.• Recent Unfollowers & Followers: Find twitter users who followed or unfollowed you recently.Use this follow app to effectively manage your Twitter account and get so much insight. It's free to use, fast, accurate and extremely i…


BettermentVERSION/BUILD:5.2.4UPDATED:27 January 2018REQUIRES ANDROID:5.0 and upFILE SIZE:18.88 MBetterment is an online financial advisor with one purpose: to help you make the most of your money. We're taking proven investment strategies and using modern, intuitive technology to give them to all investors. We serve one purpose: to help you make the most of your money, so you can live better.WHAT WE DO FOR YOUWe make tailored recommendations on decisions like how much to invest and how much risk to take on in your portfolio. Then, we invest your money in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs and help lower taxes in ways many traditional investment services can’t match.Seek higher returns through:•  Automated portfolio management•  Globally diversified portfolio of ETFs•  Tax‑efficient investing features, like tax loss harvesting and asset locationGet a better investing experience:•  Access to licensed financial experts for all customers--anytime, anywhere•  Sync your e…

Vagrant Commander: Nova Throne [Sci-fi Strategy]

Vagrant Commander: Nova Throne [Sci-fi Strategy] Valkyrie StudioStrategyVERSION/BUILD: UPDATED: 27 January 2018 REQUIRES ANDROID: 4.0.3 and up FILE SIZE: 81.50 M Welcome to the world of Vagrant Commander! Hope you will be the one who claim the Nova Throne!

U.C 0089, humanity had first set out to conquer the universe. In an expedition, the great alliance fleet leader met with a skirmish from an unknown civilization looking for the Nova. Afterwards, to safeguard humanity's homeland, the humans returned and kept a low profile in order to strengthen themselves. 20 years later, when humanity relaunched their universe campaign, it was a fierce war that awaited them; and a galactic epic unfolded before you with touching stories, vivid HD graphics and a fundamental fight between good and evil.

Game Features:

-Feast for the Senses
The game features HD graphics with solemn background music, presenting you with a feast for the senses!

-Realistic Battles
Build your military base, develop…

Cartoon Maker : Video & GIFs Creator

Cartoon Maker : Video & GIFs CreatorVERSION/BUILD:2.1.4UPDATED:29 January 2018REQUIRES ANDROID:4.1 and upFILE SIZE:38.9 MDiscover one of the most exciting and fun ways to express your emotions through cartoon art and share to all. Share your creative thoughts in cartoonish style video and GIFs when you chat to friends or anyone else. The complicated process of producing cartoons just became an easy task by this cartoon video & GIFs maker app.The app takes care of every aspect of creating cartoons, from drawing characters to making video and gif of your creation.Stickman cartoon maker is an application which allows users to create and animate stick figures to use in your chat and messages but unlike other applications, this application allows you to create animations quickly, just move a stick in one direction and this will move up there without to do each step.Say 'love you' or 'sorry ‘or whatever you want when you chat or upload status on Facebook in stickman cart…

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games 9th ImpactActionVERSION/BUILD: 1.0389 UPDATED: 27 January 2018 REQUIRES ANDROID: 4.0 and up FILE SIZE: 68.4 M The Danger Games is Quark’s latest Reality TV Show where contestants face bizarre and unnecessary challenges as they compete against each other mercilessly…. all in the name of FAME!!

*** Winner of Elite Gamer "Most Innovative" Award Gamescom 2017 ***
*** Nominated for "Best Mobile Game" at Gamescom 2017 ***

PLAY as the world’s greatest secret agent Danger Mouse or even Penfold, Colonel K, Baron Greenback, Jeopardy Mouse and more…

PICK your race deck carefully from over 20 pieces of Tech including Shrinkatizer, Freeze Ray, Carrot Rocket and the Danger Car.

RACE through streets crammed with menacing creatures, insuperable obstacles and serendipitously located pieces of Tech to pick up.

BATTLE real players from all over the world– shrink them with a Shrinkatizer, stun them with a Carrot Rocket, throw Milk Bombs at them or cover the trac…