OnePlus publishes 2017 annual report: revenues and sales on the rise

OnePlus posted an infographic detailing its busy 2017. The company’s revenues doubled to $1.4 billion as phone sales grew 55% compared to 2016. OnePlus sells its phones in 32 countries and supports 24 languages and it had the #1 selling phone on Elisa, Finland’s top carrier.

The OnePlus community boasts over 1.3 million members with user registrations growing more than twofold since 2016. Fans met IRL in 40 pop-up events – with a combined 19,400 people waiting in line.

OnePlus has 776 employees spread across 18 countries. Fueled by over 18,000 cups of coffee, they worked over 200,000 hours and yet managed to eat only 268 pizzas and 87 birthday cakes. We think that’s something to improve on next year.

The Open Beta program boasts 111,000 users who helped squash 1,700 bugs. Check out the annual report for more details.


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