NaijaWhot, UNO Card Game.

NaijaWhot, UNO Card Game.



28 January 2018
4.0.3 and up
11.2 M
NaijaWhot is an exciting, classic and healthy Uno card game for everyone. It is simple to play. Become a winner by finishing your cards before the beast in your palm. It keeps you comfort when it's needed and your mind focused when you are idle. The artificial intelligence keeps it challenging all the time.


**QuickPlay mode --- our old style. You and one artificial person

**Tournament mode ---- compete with three artificial persons (Wazobia)

**Multiplayer mode ---- play with one of your friends offline through WiFi. This mode supports two players only.

***Defence ---- you can now defend special cards (turn it on from settings).

****Continuous play ---- this feature is only available in Tournament mode. You can decide whether game continues even when you lose (Enable it from settings).

And many more.

****You can now configure your game the way you want
You can turn on/off all or any of the special cards(pick two, pick three, general market, hold on, suspension, Whot). Just enter game settings and you are good to go.

****Anthem can also be enabled/disabled to your choice.
****Reset scores and coins when needed.
****Turn on/off avatars(images) at your will

****French language is added. It can automatically detect your device default language and switch between English/French language respectively.

******Many more

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 2,613 total

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What's New
Added CARD CONFIGURATION: you can now assign card to each action. Choose what an action card does (whether it can win a game or not).
HOLD ON has been modified: you can now play any card irrespective of card number or type after playing hold on. However, you can enable or disable this function from game SETTINGS.
Added SPEED CONTROL: you can now control game speed (See game settings).
Added in-game music. It can be turned off or on as desired.
Optimised to run faster and efficiently.

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