Ovulation & Fertility Tracker App

Ovulation & Fertility Tracker App

Ela Woman - Personal Fertility Assistant


28 January 2018
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Ela is the world’s most accurate ovulation tracker & fertility app. Being the most trusted ovulation calculator & period tracker, Ela keeps track of your overall fertility health.

Ela through its patented technology, helps women learn all about their ovulation, fertility & understand their menstruation cycle for either trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy.

Ranked as the best Women Ovulation App for tracking ovulation, Ela has thousands of communication threads on the platform & is already the largest community for couples, while assisting the fertility treatments. It helps knowing all about your ovulation cycle & fertile period through ovulation chart & ovulation tracking.

What makes Ela a perfect period calendar & ovulation tracker is its ability to enable you to record your period history, pms, mood swings & providing deep insights. Ela makes sure you stay updated by data-driven reminders to record, analyse and monitor your ovulation by capturing several health parameters. It also allows you to sync with wearable devices including FitBit and Google Fit.

+ Most advanced ovulation calendar & fertility calculator app with an inbuilt ‘my ovulation calculator’ with ovulation chart backed by patented data algorithm
+ Accurate period and ovulation tracker based on machine learning data techniques which gets smarter day by day to predict & track your ovulation
+ Ovulation app presents beautiful charts of your menstrual cycle, ovulation calendar & fertility data
+ Invite and Sync your health data with your partner and track your ovulation & fertility calendar
+ Ela is more than just the ovulation calculator - it is your ovulation friend

+ Find the best days & fertile period to plan pregnancy with the most accurate fertility prediction of the ovulation day
+ Automated notification makes sure tracking ovulation is as easy & seamless as possible
+ Five-day and monthly fertility calendar views to know fertile window & ovulation day with display of % chances to conceive each day
+ Review past period calendar and ovulation dates to better understand your ovulation
+ Your Daily health meter helps you track over 15 health parameters, including cervical mucus, Basal Body Temperature - BBT, cervical position, mucus, sleep, stress, weight

---> Download Ela Ovulation App to know your best five days!

+ With the ovulation tracker, now you can easily avoid pregnancy simply by using the fertility prediction & knowing when to not have sex
+ By keeping a track of ovulation, Ela keeps you updated with automated reminders for your medications, birth control or other contraception

+ With Ela community, share and discuss your experiences with like-minded people globally
+ Right from getting tips on 'How to Get pregnant’ to Infertility Treatments, Find best IVF fertility centre or learning all about IVF procedure or IUI treatments, the community gears you with the most important tool to connect, share and learn from real life experiences
+ Get support from the largest Community, unmatched by any other ovulation tracking or menstrual tracker Apps

+ Find the best fertility Clinics, Gynecologists, Infertility Specialists & Fertility Experts
+ Compare various infertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, IMSI & IUI and access the pregnancy success rates; compare cost of treatment across various fertility clinics & surrogacy centres
+ Whether you are looking for best IVF treatment, top fertility specialists or want to know the IVF procedure, Elawoman provides you a one-stop solution for assisted fertility treatments
---> Download Ela & get instant access!

Web - https://www.elawoman.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ElaWomen
Twitter - @ela_woman
Pinterest - @elawoman

For queries, buzz us at care@elawoman.com

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Highlights of the release:
- With Ela Consult get a personalized diet & nutrition session with the diet specialist; your customized diet plan at just a tap
- Option to keep a personal note on your health log each day
- Advanced cycle charts made a lot more intuitive, giving you more flexibility to analyse your cycles
- And yes we are listening to your feedback - many improved features & suite of stability fixes

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