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Unfollow for Twitter




27 January 2018


4.0 and up


2.6 M

Unfollow or Follow for Twitter is the best tool to track non followers, recent unfollowers, followers, etc on your twitter account.

This is the best tool to manage your twitter account and grow your twitter followers. It is a free light-weight tool to find out who unfollowed you on twitter. You can even find out who are your fans and who your recent followers or unfollowers are.

Features of

Unfollow or Follow for Twitter Growth


• Non-Followers: Find users whom you follow but who do not follow you back. And you can just unfollow them from the app.

• Fans: Find your twitter followers whom you do not follow back. And you can follow them directly from the app.

• Recent Unfollowers & Followers: Find twitter users who followed or unfollowed you recently.

Use this follow app to effectively manage your Twitter account and get so much insight. It's free to use, fast, accurate and extremely intuitive.

So next time you asked yourself 'Who unfollowed me on Twitter?' or 'Who are my fans?' or 'Who are my new followers?', just use the Unfollow or Follow for Twitter Growth. It will answer those question plus more. You'll like it instantly.

Download the "Unfollow or Follow for Twitter" app to get started.


1. The app uses twitter APIs but is not endorsed by Twitter

2. App does not store any user information

3. Unfollow for Twitter app uses authorized Twitter public APIs and adheres to all terms of service.

App Screenshots

What's New

Thanks for all the love and support. We have included a bunch of new features that you will love.
Mass unfollow feature
Optimized the code so the app is much faster
Removed a lot of crashes
Improved UI
Please rate us 5 stars to support the app
If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we will revert back to you

Download & Instructions

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