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Samsung will publish a detailed white paper on the Galaxy Note 7 recall

The Galaxy Note 7 recall last year was an unexpected crisis for Samsung last year. The company would never have thought that it would have to recall its new flagship smartphone twice before discontinuing production and taking billions in losses due to lost sales.

The company conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and revealed the cause, it also highlighted the steps that it has taken to make sure that something like that doesn’t happen again.

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung is planning to publish a detailed white paper on the Galaxy Note 7 recall. “A white paper on the Note fiasco will be published soon,” says a Samsung executive quoted in the report.

The white paper project is reportedly being led by researchers and working-level officials at Samsung and Samsung SDI. Some officials from the chief risk management office are said to be onboard as well, it’s a new team that Samsung set up after the Galaxy Note 7 recall last year.

The white paper is expected to offer details about the recall, research and development phases as well as parts, testing, production, marketing and sales.

The report does mention that Samsung is only going to share this white paper with a limited number of high-ranking executives due to corporate security reasons. However, it’s likely that excerpts from the white paper might find their way to the media in one way or another.


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