Galaxy A5 and A7 (2018) specs to include Infinity Display and 6GB RAM

Samsung is likely going to unveil the Galaxy A (2018) series early next year. It was recently rumored that the Galaxy A series will receive Samsung’s Infinity Display. Samsung launched the Infinity Display with the Galaxy S8 earlier this year.It has been very well received even though some customers don’t like that Samsung has repositioned the fingerprint sensor at the back to accommodate it. That’s precisely what it’s going to do with the Galaxy A (2018) series as well.A new report out of China brings us purported specifications of the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 (2018). Both handsets are reportedly going to feature a 1080p resolution Infinity Display. They will also have a fingerprint sensor at the back.The Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 (2018) will reportedly be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor coupled with 4GB and 6GB of RAM respectively. They’re also said to feature a dual selfie camera.No word on the specs of the Galaxy A3 (2018) as yet. It’s likely that the Infinity Display …

Watch Samsung’s IFA 2017 live stream online at 6 pm CET

Samsung will be conducting its IFA press conference later today. The company has previously launched new Galaxy Note handsets at this event but it won’t be doing that this year. The Galaxy Note 8 has already been launched at a separate event last week.The company confirmed during last week’s event that it’s going to unveil a new smartwatch at IFA 2017. Reports suggest that it’s going to be called the Gear Sport. Samsung will also unveil a new fitness tracker called the Gear Fit2 Pro. It may show off a new 360-degree camera as well.Samsung’s IFA 2017 press conference will take place later today at Berlin’s Tempodrom arena. It’s an invite-only event where the new products it unveils will be showcased. We’ll be on the ground in Berlin to bring you all of the updates from the event.Samsung’s IFA 2017 press conference kicks off at 6 pm CET. You don’t need to be in Berlin to follow the proceedings live. Samsung is going to offer a live stream of the proceedings on Samsung Newsroom.You can a…

New Verizon firmware update speeds up facial recognition on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

Verizon is rolling out a new firmware update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. While these updates keep the core OS at version 7.0, they’re a bit heftier compared to the average monthly firmware update.That’s because it bundles many of the tweaks that have been released for these handsets over the past few months. The firmware update speeds up facial recognition on the handsets. It adds a “Faster recognition” option for those who are using Face Recognition as a mode of securing their device.Verizon recommends that users allow the device to take its time and thoroughly scan their face before turning on the new option if they’ve not yet configured facial recognition on their handset.Verizon has also added the navigation bar “show and hide button” with this update. It’s a small dot on the left side of the navigation bar. Users just need to tap it in order to show, hide or lock the navigation bar in its place. This was first rolled out as part of a firmware update over two months ago.The …

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 units may ship earlier than expected

T-Mobile starting taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 on August 24. Like all of Samsung’s carrier and retail partners, it’s supposed to release the handset on September 15. However, it appears that T-Mobile is keeping up its tradition of shipping out pre-ordered units early.Some customers who pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 8 from T-Mobile have now started receiving text messages from the carrier. The messages confirm that their Galaxy Note 8 order is being packed and that it will ship soon.The messages are meant to serve as a reminder to customers that their payment cards will be charged once the units ship out. It’s quite possible that T-Mobile customers will receive their units well before September 15.We’ve seen T-Mobile do this with previous Samsung flagships as well so it’s not surprising. The Galaxy S8 was shipped earlier than its official release date by T-Mobile.This isn’t something that customers will complain about. No one ever complained about having to wait less for a new f…

SamMobile Daily Recap: August 29, 2017 — Bixby Voice, Samsung Pay and more!

Samsung wants you to know it appreciates your continued support

There’s no denying the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 debacle turned a number of customers to the dark side (iOS), but the majority stuck with Samsung while it rebuilt its reputation—and now it wants you to know its grateful.On Tuesday, the firm took to its YouTube channel to share a short “Thank You” video that’s filled to the brim with testimonials from Galaxy Note owners, explaining how the premium range of smartphones has changed their lives.VIDEOWe’d be biased if we didn’t explore the possibility of Samsung using the Galaxy Note 7’s misfortune as a marketing ploy, but if that’s what it needs to do to restore confidence and drive sales, who can blame it?For those who missed its unveiling, the stylus-toting Galaxy Note 8 sports a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 12MP dual-camera setup, an 8MP front-facing shooter and a 3,300mAh battery.

[APK] TouchWiz Home update fixes a frustrating bug

Samsung has updated its TouchWiz Home application on the Galaxy Apps Store for the Galaxy A7 (2017), Galaxy J3 (2017), Galaxy J5 (2017), Galaxy J7 (2017), Galaxy Note FE, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ with the option to enable or disable the notification window when swiping down from the home screen.In addition, the upgrade addresses a relatively frustrating bug that resulted in the text size for labels beneath application logos on the home screen not adjusting according to the on-screen zoom settings, which will come as good news to those who take advantage of the firm’s Easy Mode layout.The post [APK] TouchWiz Home update fixes a frustrating bug appeared first on SamMobile.

Samsung to build an open-connected IoT ecosystem

Samsung is attempting to build an open-connected ecosystem wherein all of its household appliances can be controlled using a universal application—or Bixby. The platform is still on the drawing board, reports Business Korea, noting the firm is hoping to start development in the not-too-distant future.“Samsung Electronics’ Connected Vision has a philosophy that all innovation will be built on openness and partnership,” said Patrick Chomet, Executive VP of Product Strategy. “We are planning to build an open, connected ecosystem where the large volume of hardware, software and services are organically harmonized.”It’s believed that the long-rumored Bixby Speaker will sit at the center of an ideal Connected Vision household, letting residents control their microwave, refrigerator, TV and oven using their voice. They’ll also be able to use the platform to place calls and send messages via their Galaxy-branded smartphone.If Samsung decides to develop an API for third-party developers, the p…

[Poll] Are you happy with the price of the Galaxy Note 8?

Whatever way you slice it, the Galaxy Note 8 is an expensive smartphone. In fact, it’s the priciest handset Samsung has ever released—and we’d be lying if we said that hasn’t scared off a fair few customers. However, the company is doing all it can—by offering former Galaxy Note 7 owners a discount, for example—to put the premium-priced device in the hands of more consumers.It’s impossible to tell whether its efforts are paying off at this precise moment in time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find out whether potential customers are happy with the price of the Galaxy Note 8. To find out, we’ve put together a poll, which you can cast a vote in below. You can also expand on your response in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. The post [Poll] Are you happy with the price of the Galaxy Note 8? appeared first on SamMobile.

Top Galaxy Note 8 features you should care about

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 last week. It’s the company’s first new Note phablet in two years. Naturally, Note fans were very excited to see what Samsung had in store for them. The company has now started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 in some markets across the globe.Those who have been thinking about getting one need to make a decision. In order to make that decision easier for them, we present a list of top Galaxy Note 8 features that customers should care about.DisplayIt would be an oversimplification to suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 has a slightly larger version of the Galaxy S8’s display. The Galaxy Note 8’s 6.3-inch display recently won the highest ever grade from DisplayMate.It won that grade because Samsung has made further advancements to the display technology. The Galaxy Note 8 truly has the best smartphone display available on the market today, and there’s nothing that can come close, other than Samsung’s own Galaxy S8 and S8+.New S PenNote fans swear by …

Daily Deal: Save 74% on a first-generation Gear 360

Amazon has temporarily axed the price of the first-generation Gear 360, which is Samsung’s award-winning camera that’s capable of taking 360-degree photographs and videos, down to just $92.33 (74% off).If you want to take advantage of this promotion, hit the Buy Now button below. We strongly advise you to hurry though, as Amazon only has a limited amount of inventory available — and once it’s gone, it’s gone.The post Daily Deal: Save 74% on a first-generation Gear 360 appeared first on SamMobile.

Samsung partners with 20th Century Fox and Panasonic to create a metadata platform for HDR10+

Samsung has announced that it’s teamed up with 20th Century Fox and Panasonic to create a royalty-free dynamic metadata platform for High Dynamic Range (HDR) through an associated certification program called HDR10+. The entity will license the platform to content companies for a nominal administrative fee from 2018.“As leaders in entertainment, the three companies are ideal partners for bringing HDR10+ into the homes of consumers everywhere,” said Jongsuk Chu, Senior VP of Visual Display at Samsung. “We are committed to making the latest technology available in our TVs and are confident that HDR10+ will deliver premium content.”HDR10+ provides unprecedented picture quality on all displays with brightness, color, and contrast automatically optimized for each scene, according to Samsung. With HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping, every scene is individually enhanced to bring to life vibrant visuals and achieve unprecedented picture quality.There are several benefits that come with adopting HDR1…

A new 360-degree camera possibly being developed by Samsung

Samsung unveiled its new Gear 360 (2017) VR camera alongside the Galaxy S8 back in March this year. It’s capable of shooting true 4K video in 360-degrees. The camera’s predecessor could only shoot 360-degree video in “near-4K.” The Gear 360 (2017) became available for purchase just a few months ago. It’s now being offered as a pre-order incentive to Galaxy Note 8 customers.It appears that Samsung has a new 360-degree camera in the pipeline. The company has filed for a new trademark for “360 Round.” This suggests that it’s readying another VR camera for launch. There aren’t a lot of details available about this product right now.The trademark listing reveals that the 360 Round carries model number SM-R260. It could very much be related to Samsung’s Gear 360 lineup because the existing camera’s model number is SM-R210. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about it as yet, though.It’s unclear when the Gear Round might be unveiled by Samsung. It’s due to launch new products at its IFA 2017 e…

Samsung still hasn’t decided the Galaxy Note 8 price for South Korea

Samsung appears to be having a difficult time in deciding how much it’s going to charge for its new flagship smartphone in its home country of South Korea. The country’s government is pushing to cut down telecom costs and that initiative is making it difficult for Samsung to set local prices for the Galaxy Note 8.Samsung hasn’t started taking pre-orders for the handset in South Korea as yet. Pre-orders are already live in North America and some markets in Europe. The handset costs around $950 with 64GB of onboard storage in the US. The Galaxy Note 8 will be similarly priced in other markets across the globe.The company is expected to start taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 from September 7. It will release the Galaxy Note 8 on September 15, the very same day its new flagship is released in major launch markets.Industry watchers believe that Samsung is going to set the price tag slightly over 1 million won or $890. It would cost a bit more than the Galaxy Note 7’s 988,900 won or …

A Thank You Note

Told through real voices of our users, this is a tribute to Galaxy Note fans all over the world. Thank you for believing in us and continuing to do what can’t be done. From: Samsung Mobile

Galaxy J7 (2016) now receiving Android 7.0 Nougat update

Samsung has at long last started rolling out the much-anticipated Android 7.0 update for the Galaxy J7 (2016) in Russia. The upgrade transports all of the features you’d expect to find baked into Nougat, as well as the security patches included in this month’s maintenance release.For those unaware, Android 7.0 bundles a slew of neat new features, including enhanced notifications, stricter application permissions, new emoji and refined battery saving tools, in addition to a plethora of much-needed bug fixes, stability improvements, and speed optimizations.Related: Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017), Galaxy J7 (2016), and Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015) could get Android 7.0 updates soonFrom what we can tell, the release hasn’t reached all variants of the Galaxy J7 (2016) in Russia, which resulted in us drawing the conclusion that it’s making the rounds in stages—and if that turns out to be the case, it could take anywhere from two-to-four weeks to reach your handset.If you’d like to see if the update is…

The next S Pen might include a microphone

Samsung wants to make the S Pen more than just a stylus that you use to jot down memos on your Galaxy Note handsets. It filed a patent application back in 2014 which detailed how a microphone and speaker can be integrated into the S Pen. This would enable users to use the S Pen to communicate in a phone call.Samsung recently filed a patent which explained how the S Pen could be used to measure the amount of alcohol in a user’s breath. Samsung’s vision for the S Pen of the future includes microphones and digital signature capability.Samsung’s head of technology strategy Chai Won-cheol has revealed that the company is working on a more sophisticated digital signature solution with several partners.“When combined with Samsung’s authentication solutions such as Samsung Pay, Knox and iris and fingerprint recognition, S-Pen’s digital signature will create new demands in the B2B market,” he added.The digital signature feature will eliminate the need for users to physically print and return d…

Samsung Pay now supports MobiKwik in India

Samsung Pay has been updated with support for MobiKwik, following its introduction on Samsung Pay Mini earlier this year. Like PayPal, the platform allows customers to add money to a virtual wallet, which can then be used for payments both in-store and online.Here’s the full changelog:MobiKwik (Android 7.0 Nougat+)UPI: Transfer money between your bank accountsUPI: Send money directly from contactsImport previously added CC/DC on sign-inUsability improvementsThis news comes less than a month after Samsung Pay added compatibility for debit cards issued by the State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank and most widely-used bank in the region, and around two months after the payment service arrived on the Galaxy J7 (2016).Samsung is hoping to bring the scaled-down version of its mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay mini, to smartphones from other manufacturers—like LG and Sony—in the coming months, according to recent reports. Whether it will happen though is a completely different story…

Bixby Voice India launch delayed till next month

It has hardly been over a week since Samsung rolled out Bixby Voice across the globe. The assistant only supports Korean and English languages currently. Despite that, Samsung has now rolled it out in over 200 countries across the globe. Galaxy S8 owners in India have got the short end of the stick, though.The Bixby Voice rollout was halted in India shortly after it went live. It was later confirmed officially that the rollout had been halted due to a bug which had to be fixed. Samsung India didn’t confirm when Bixby Voice would go live for Galaxy S8 owners in the country.Those who own the flagship handset aren’t feeling happy about this. They already had to wait for Bixby for a very long time. All Galaxy S8 users across the globe have it now and they still can’t use it.Galaxy S8 owners have been reaching out to the company through the Samsung Members app. One such user has received a response which suggests that Bixby Voice won’t be out in India until the end of September.Perhaps Gal…

Samsung will announce a new wearable on Wednesday

Samsung took to Twitter on Monday to tease an event it’s hosting in Berlin on Wednesday, August 30. While we don’t know exactly what the firm is planning to showcase, it did reveal that it’s some form of wearable, leading us to believe it’s the upcoming Gear Sport (SM-R600).Rumored to be aimed at fitness fanatics, the Gear Sport is expected to ship with a host of precise health-monitoring features, including a dedicated swimming and rowing mode, in addition to a slew of the latest internals, like a dual-core Exynos processor and at least 1GB of RAM.Related: Gear Sport, Samsung’s new smartwatch, leakedAccording to the unit’s certification documentation, the Gear Sport will be the firm’s first wearable to ship running its in-house Tizen 3.0 operating system out of the box. It also looks like it will support both standard Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Wi-Fi Direct for expedited data transfer.We’ll be reporting live from the venue in Berlin, so be sure to check back on Wednesday to find out ex…