Samsung will make ‘significant changes’ to quality assurance processes after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco

The entire Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has raised some serious questions about quality assurance processes over at Samsung. Many accepted the first recall since recalls are not an anomaly and happen in every business, but when Samsung said that the replacement devices were safe and they started catching fire as well, it really made the company look bad aside from all the financial damage that it caused.

Samsung does have to come together and ensure that this never happens again. Its brand value has already suffered a lot as a result of the Galaxy Note 7′s recall and subsequent discontinuation. It recognizes that fact and soon be taking some important steps. The company has said in a press release that it’s going to make “significant changes” in the quality assurance processes to make sure that it only puts out safe and reliable products so that customers’ confidence can be regained. Samsung did not go into the details of what further steps it will be taking to ensure safety and reliability.

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