Android Central's 2018 Father's Day Guide!

Dads. They're like you, only they think they're really good at tech stuff but are perpetually 10 years behind the curve. That's OK, because this gift guide can go a long way to making sure he's at least partially caught up to 2018 ... and beyond.

Google Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 is our favorite phone on the market, and a perfect present for the dad who wants a fast, reliable Android phone. Not only does it have an amazing camera, but it's mercifully easy to set up and use. For a dad coming from an older Android, or even an iPhone, this is the best option.

$649 Buy now

Moto G6

Buying a phone shouldn't be complicated, the Moto G6 just works. It's compatible with all four major U.S. carriers, and at $249 or less, it's super giftable. The beauty of Motorola's Moto G line is that it imitates flagships so well that you'll never get FOMO.

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Spigen phone cases

Whatever phone your dad ends up using, Spigen has a case for it. From rugged and protective to transparent and super minimalist, we love Spigen products because they're cheap and they just work.

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Nintendo Switch

Gaming is no longer a young person's pasttime, and with the Nintendo Switch's incredbile lineup of games, including Zelda: Breath of the Wild and upcoming Super Smash Bros., it's the perfect time to gift dad a console.

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If dad's into the Great Outdoors, or just the Great Backyard, the UE MEGABLAST (yes, capitals are necessary) sounds incredible, with real bass and over 10 hours of battery. The best part is that it supports Alexa, which means dad can get his most pressing questions answered anywhere, anytime.

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Sonos One

Is your dad looking for something a bit more permanent than Bluetooth? The Sonos One is incredible. Not only does it connect to Alexa (and soon, Google Home), it sounds so, so good. And if you end up buying two, they can be paired together for whole-home audio!

$199 Buy Now

Sony MH1000XM2 noise-canceling headphones

Sometimes dad needs a break from the world. Sony's MH1000XM2 have amazing sound and even better noise cancellation. Seriously, these are probably the best bang for your buck in headphones right now.

$348 Buy now

OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones

How much would you spend on really good wireless earbuds? Thankfully, OnePlus doesn't force you to make that tough decision, as the $69 Bullets Wireless outclass most headphones twice the cost. Dad will love that they sound great and snap together using magnets to automatically shut off when not in use.

$69 Buy Now

Koss Porta Pro Wireless Bluetooth headphones

A classic re-imagined. Your dad may have worn the original Koss Porta Pros back in the 80's, and now they're here in a fantastic wireless version. They bend into a tiny portable pod and have 12-hour battery and in-line controls, all for $80.

$80 Buy Now

Spotify Premium

I bet your dad has a ton of CDs lying around that haven't been used in a while. And while vinyl is back, the true future of music is streaming. Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world for a reason, and it's available everywhere, from the phone to Google Home and Sonos.

from $10 Buy Now

Netflix subscription

Netflix is the best gift for dad because even if he doesn't have a subscription, you know he wants to binge all the comedy, drama, and serialized Marvel action that Netflix offers. Amazon has $30 or $60 gift cards so you can buy him a few months at a time.

from $30 Buy Now

Aeropress coffee and espresso maker

Upgrade dad's coffee game — get him an Aeropress — it's the cheap and easy way to making better coffee at home in just 90 seconds. It sounds too good to be true, but this is all physics: the Aeropress combines the best ideas from espresso and French Press into a single, easy-to-clean contraption.

from $33 Buy now

Blue Bottle coffee subscription

Skip the grocery store beans and get the best from your new Aeropress with a monthly subscription to amazing coffee at Blue Bottle. You won't believe the difference freshly-roasted beans make to a good cup, especially if you grind them at home right before you brew.

from $15/mo Buy now

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Has dad been talking about finally getting that espresso machine he's always wanted? The Breville Barista Express is an amazing entry-level espresso machine that grinds beans, froths milk, and pulls impressive shots in an extremely compact space.

$582 Buy Now

Chromecast Ultra

If you splurged on that 4K TV recently, the Chromecast Ultra is an amazing companion. Almost every media app supports it in some way, and it works with the Google Home or Home Mini to load those hilarious YouTube videos everyone loves watching.

$59 Buy Now

Amazon Fire TV 2017

Cozy up to Prime Video exclusives like Catastrophe, The Grand Tour, Sneaky Pete and more… in 4K! The Fire TV is an amazing gift for anyone who watches shows or movies.

$70 Buy Now

TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

4K HDR. Built-in Roku streaming box. 55-inch low-profile LED panel. One of the best-rated TVs on the market today. Check, check, check, check. TCL's newest 55-inch TV offers incredible value, and dad will love it. He'll even help you throw away the old clunker he's been meaning to upgrade for years.

$650 Buy Now

Amazon Kindle

How do you fit thousands of books into your hand? With an eReader! Amazon's Kindle has a glare-free touch display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a battery that lasts for weeks at a time. If you're shopping for a bookworm, there's no better gift than a Kindle.

$80 Buy Now

Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-A Cables (2-pack)

There's nothing simpler than a good-quality charging cable, and nothing more frustrating than not having one nearby. Anker makes great products, and these PowerLine+ cables will charge your dad's phone and, because they're made of woven nylon, won't get busted.

$10 Buy Now

Eero Home Mesh Routing System

How much do we love Eero? Let me count the ways. If your dad's Skype calls keep cutting out, if he's calling because his internet is always going down, or if there's no signal in the bedroom, Eero's mesh router solution is amazing. At $400 it's expensive, but worth every penny — for your sanity.

$400 Buy Now

Google Home Mini

Google Home is big and powerful, but Google Home Mini is cheap and useful! If you already have a bunch of connected speakers, or just want Google Assistant everywhere, the Home Mini is the best gift you can give. And if your house is already full of Google products, Assistant is even better. A must-gift!

$49 Buy Now

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Smart lights can set the mood, especially when paired with a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant or Alexa. It's simple to set the mood for a party, or for bed time, but either way, these lights will last for years.

$160 Buy Now

Amazon Echo Spot

Give your dad's old alarm clock an upgrade with the Amazon Echo Spot, the latest — and cutest — Alexa-powered gadget. This one's perfect for the bedroom but, thanks to its small screen, can double as a living room or kitchen tool.

$129 Buy Now

Fitbit Versa

The Versa is the best tracker and smartwatch Fitbit has ever made. It can track steps, exercise, sleep, and more and its battery lasts an incredibly long four days. Your dad will love its selection of colors and bands, and you'll love spending less than an Apple Watch!

$199 Buy Now

DJI Spark

If your dad is the outdoorsy type, or just wants to make movies with footage from new vantage points, the DJI Spark is an outstanding gift. Portable and versatile, the drone gets over 15 minutes of flying time with its replaceable battery and goes anywhere you do.

$399 Buy Now

Anker PowerCore 10000 Battery

Give your dad the gift of a phone that doesn't run out of batteries! This Anker PowerCore pack can charge most phones two or three times and is portable enough to bring anywhere.

$27 Buy Now

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