Samsung reportedly increases sales target for the Gear S3

Samsung is yet to release the Gear S3 smartwatch that it unveiled about a month ago but the company is apparently optimistic about its performance. News reports out of South Korea suggest that Samsung has increased its yearly sales target for the Gear S3 by as much as 60 percent more than the overall number of smartwatches and fitness bands it shipped in the previous year.

The company is yet to confirm the release date of the Gear S3 in most markets across the globe. Industry sources cited in the report claim that Samsung has ramped up the sourcing of components for this smartwatch from its suppliers and aims to start mass production of the Gear S3 next month. This is why it’s claimed that the Gear S3 will go on sale in most markets by the end of October. Samsung is reportedly expecting to ship five million units of the Gear S3. Market research organization IDC reports that Samsung shipped 3.1 wearable devices combined in the previous year which suggests that it’s quite bullish on the Gear S3.

In our hands-on with the Gear S3 we found it to be a story of refinement. Samsung has taken the Gear S2 which was already one of the best smartwatches of its time and made it even better so it would not be surprising to see that Samsung expects it to perform really well in the increasing wearable device market.

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