Galaxy Book to showcase Adobe Photoshop and S Pen integration, detect S Pen settings

The Galaxy Book is a tablet PC productivity device that is designed to help users produce their best work, so it’s no surprise to see Samsung collaborate with partners regarding the device’s software. To this end, Samsung has worked with Adobe to bring its Adobe Photoshop support to what is one of Samsung’s most premiere devices.

Adobe Photoshop will work with the S Pen, and the Galaxy Book is good at detecting S Pen settings so that it “knows” what type of stroke you’re creating on-screen. Sensitivity and tilting are supported in both Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk. This intuitive experience will allow you to draw as easily on the Galaxy Book as you would on paper. Of course, the 4096 pressure levels due to the use of a Wacom digitizer ensures that your doodling will prove reminiscent of the Galaxy Note S Pen experience.

Autodesk Sketchbook integation is also here, a software program that, as the name suggests, lets you draw and doodle to your heart’s content. These programs will meet the artist in you and will prove particularly useful for those whose productivity involves creativity and provide a Microsoft Surface Pro alternative for consideration.

To find out more about the Galaxy Book and its smart S Pen and how it’ll work with Samsung’s pre-installed software, check out our Galaxy Book hands-on post, specs comparison,  as well as Samsung’s own showcase videos, then let us know if you plan on picking up this new productivity beast in our very own voting poll.

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