ProtonMail mobile now has encrypted contacts in latest update

For people who prefer to have their contacts secure and encrypted, ProtonMail has got you covered with the latest update to the mobile app. Version 1.8.0 now brings you an encrypted contacts manager on your Android app, using zero-access encryption as well as digital signatures to keep your notes for your contacts for your eyes only. This is a feature that will be useful for journalists or sales people who would like to keep confidential information on their contacts.

Previously, the ProtonMail app did have a contacts section, but you could only add the name and email address and of course they're not encrypted so the mail app can get the emails to the intended recipients. But now with version 1.8.0, they've already included a fully functional contacts manager. You will be able to add other information like phone numbers, addresses, URLs for their websites or social media accounts, and even notes if you need to add information about them.

But the best thing about it is that all the additional information, except for the email address of course, is encrypted. Only the user and not even ProtonMail itself can access it. They are also digitally signed so you'll get a message if a potential hacker is trying to get into your account and tamper with your contacts.

You can update the ProtonMail app from the Google Play page and start populating your contacts. You can also access it through the web app if you haven't yet.

SOURCE: ProtonMail

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