Hey Samsung, where is the women-friendly version of the Gear S3?

My boyfriend couldn’t resist buying the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Having worn the Gear S3 classic for a month or so, he decided to keep switching between the frontier and classic variants. I don’t blame him, because both variants of the Gear S3 have a stunning design, at least as far as men are concerned. They look great, but in my opinion, neither variant is geared (no pun) towards women.

I’m still happy with the Rose Gold Gear S2, and I’m also a fan of the new features on the Gear S3. The Always On Display, improved battery life and built-in speaker are major advantages compared to the Gear S2, but why isn’t Samsung thinking of female consumers? Why isn’t there a smaller version of the Gear S3, one with the new design but the size of the Gear S2?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Samsung is working on such a version of its newest smartwatch, and it would be great to see an announcement in the coming months. What do you think? Do you agree that the Gear S3 needs a variant for Samsung’s lady consumers?


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