SDC 2017 Session: Samsung ARTIK: Easy, Secure, Interoperable IoT

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session Speakers: Yadi (Yadwinder) Brar, Po Chiu, Wei Xiao Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform brings hardware modules and cloud services together, with built-in security and an ecosystem of tools and partners to speed up your time-to-market. We offer a wide range of modules to drive your IoT products, from edge nodes to hubs and gateways. Our high-end security solution is built into the DNA of ARTIK IoT platform with a secure software to store data safely on the devices. All ARTIK modules are integrated into the cloud, a built-in service that support interoperability, enabling developers to break silos and connect disparate devices and cloud services to one another. Our modules and cloud are the building blocks of your imagination. Join us to learn the essentials of jumpstarting with ARTIK Smart IoT platform!

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