Samsung reiterates mid-May goal for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Oreo update

  • Samsung has said it is "doing its best" to deliver the Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge by mid-May.
  • The company made the announcement on its South Korean Samsung Members portal.
  • The U.S. rollout might not be far behind.

Samsung South Korea has reiterated its aim to roll out Android Oreo for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in mid-May. The Samsung Members portal posted a recent update [translated] via SamMobile, where it said it was "doing its best" to have the update rolled out by the middle of next month.

Samsung Turkey's Guncelmiyiz portal suggested last week that the update would appear around May 18, but this outlet often sees ETA amendments and the confirmation may not have inspired much hope at the time.

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This additional, more recent statement from Samsung on its home turf is therefore good news — but questions regarding location and carriers remain.

Samsung Canada has previously suggested that the S7 Oreo update would land in the summer, while the S7 and S7 Edge received certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance with the new firmware — including U.S. carrier variants — a couple of weeks ago. With that in mind, a rollout in North America around the same time as South Korea and other markets isn't out of the question.

However, once Samsung is done with the firmware, carrier deployment is out of its hands: even Samsung it hits the mid-May target itself, it could still take weeks/months for the update to arrive with Sprint/AT&T etc.

Samsung's comment nonetheless suggests it is confident about the deployment in the next couple of weeks. We'll have our fingers crossed for you, S7 owners.

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