Premium Detachable Chromebook “Nocturne” In The Works

A new high-end detachable Chromebook code-named "Nocturne" is in the works, as revealed by a newly discovered commit found in the Chromium Gerrit repository. The device in question features one of Intel's Kaby Lake chips and a 2,400 x 1,600 display panel that can be removed from its keyboard, with its form factor hence being similar to that of the recently announced HP Chromebook x2, i.e. the world's first detachable Chrome OS hybrid which has yet to hit the market after being unveiled in early April.

The 2:3 aspect ratio has already been embraced by some premium convertible Chromebooks such as Google's Pixelbook and Samsung's Chromebook Pro, having also been popularized by Microsoft's Surface Pro series as the go-to format for devices that are meant to serve both as laptops and tablets. The Nocturne may also end up shipping with a fingerprint reader and become the first Chrome OS laptop to offer such a functionality, as indicated by some code strings discovered by Chrome Unboxed. Google has been working on implementing support for biometric authentication into Chrome OS for at least two years now but no such solutions have been commercialized so far. The identity of the manufacturer behind the Nocturne remains unclear and its hardware specifications still haven't been set in stone, with the first hints at its existence being discovered as part of a board commit that's labeled as being in an early stage of development.

While Google is presently in the middle of a major Chrome OS push in the education segment, the company has also been encouraging original equipment manufacturers to expand its ecosystem on the premium end of the spectrum so as to continue promoting it as a highly versatile platform, with last year's Pixelbook being meant to serve as a reference design for others. That state of affairs now also led to Chrome OS tablets, with the first such offering being announced late last month in the form of the Acer Chromebook Tab 10.

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