Spotify may soon let you import music directly from your Android phone

Spotify's library of music, while great, can never truly be complete. There will always be rare tracks, B-Sides, and bootleg versions that aren't available for streaming. On desktop, Spotify is willing to let you import your local files to mingle with their library of streaming tracks and create playlists using both sources. Soon, the Spotify Android app may let you import tracks directly from your phone.

Uncovered by reverse engineering expert Jane Wong, Spotify has added an unreleased feature to their Android app that places a new "Import" heading into the settings menu. Under this heading, we find a setting that claims to let you "Add your own music from this device."

From there, a brand new UI is presented, allowing you to selectively choose the music you wish to import from your phone, organized by Folder, Artist, Album, or Song. If it's anything like the Import feature on desktop, you'll likely be able to choose from MP3, M4P, and MP4 audio files.

Considering files imported from your desktop can also be played on mobile (with some effort), in-depth compatibility testing will likely be required. This means it could be weeks or even months before we see Spotify's Import feature on Android.

Spotify Android app Import your music

In the same dive into the Spotify app, Jane also uncovered some other potentially upcoming changes including a cleaner Library view with tabs, turning your Favorite songs into a playlist, and a new "Save for Later" option for podcast episodes (helpful for when you don't want to forget to listen to the latest episode of Alphabet Scoop).

Just like our own APK Insight series, some features may take months before they arrive in the final app, and others are cancelled altogether. While these all seem like useful improvements to the Spotify user experience, I won't hold my breath for them.

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