[TA Deals] Save on the portable Okcel Sirius B mini PC! (28% off!)

[TA Deals] Save on the portable Okcel Sirius B mini PC! (28% off!)

Smartphones have pushed the idea that everyday devices should also be getting smaller and more portable, and yep, that applies to Windows PCs, too. Meet the Ockel Sirius B, an entire Intel-powered computer that fits right in your pocket. You can carry this thing around with you to any computer setup and keep your files and programs on the go.

It's packing an Intel Atom CPU with 4GB of RAM plus a slew of wireless connectivity options, so while it's not going to replace an Xbox it's still a zippy little machine in its own right.

  • Compute powerfully on the move w/ Intel-powered Windows 10
  • Turn any television into a smart media center & store your music & video aboard the pocket PC
  • Connect to almost any device you want w/ an USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port, Micro SD card slot, & AUX in/AUX out
  • Get rid of the bulky PC tower in your office or dorm room to save space
  • Browse, email, stream, or anything else w/ a 100% silent device
  • Play almost all games available on the Windows 10 game store
  • Carry in your pocket for extremely easy access & portability
  • Fanless design

While normally $349 you can knock over a quarter of the price off through Talk Android Deals and buy one for just $249.

Buy it now: Talk Android Deals

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