Lenovo to beat Samsung to the punch? Z5s leaks show a hole in the display

After his disappointment with his Z5, Lenovo seems to be on the right track to make it up to him. A first video and a teaser promotional post about Z5s have been leaked on the net and it seems that the company wants to beat on time Huawei and Samsung in presenting a device with hole in the display for the camera.


Who copies faster than who innovates?

The notch fashion seems to have already been overtaken by the manufacturers of Android smartphones, fortunately. In the very fast world of tech, where evolution takes place at incredible speed, there is no room for those who are left behind. Most OEMs are fortunately racing to achieve the legendary and unmatched 100% screen-to-body ratio and for us users this is good, it means that the notch (in all its variants) will have a short life.

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I would say that the teaser leaves little room for doubt... / © Sparrow News

Lenovo on his Z5s seems to want to adopt a solution similar to the Infinity-O presented by Samsung and which should debut on the Galaxy A8S. Unlike the Samsung and the Huawei Nova 4, the Lenovo smartphone has a hole for the camera in the center and not in a corner.

In addition to the hole in the display, the video shows that the smartphone has quite thin bezels around the display (with the largest of the four located at the bottom) and has a navigation system using gestures.

Mid-range specifications

You can also read some of the specifications from a Chinese regulator who has certified Lenovo Z5s under the code name L78071. Dimensions, battery capacity and display size have been leaked and can be found in the following table.

Lenovo Z5s: technical specifications

  Technical specifications
Dimensions 156,7x74,5x7,8mm
Display 6.3" with camera hole
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 (rumor)
Camera 3 rear cameras
Battery 3210 mAh
Other Fingerprint reader on the body

Would you consider a mid-range phone at an affordable price but with this ultra-modern design?

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