Forest fires: drones come to the rescue to replant trees

Human impact on nature can sometimes be catastrophic, but on the other hand, humans can sometimes help can their surroundings. Technology, a prodigal child of man, is now helping replant forests after they've been destroyed by drone.

You've probably read of heard that California has been recently affected by fires. Many acres of forest have been burned, and it's likely that due to global warming and deforestation measures -as we've already seen in the Amazon- will lead to many more forest fires in the future. We all know that reforestation would benefit our environment, but it's not an easy task.

AndroidPIT IFA 2016 ehang drone 2166
You need much larger drones to be able to reforest a forest. / AndroidPIT

The larger an areas is, the more difficult it is to reforest, so a global view is absolutely necessary. This is where technology comes to the rescue. UAVs are able to map areas to obtain a 3D view of the terrain. These are able to detect plants that are present along with possible threats to future plants. This makes it possible to quickly obtain a very accurate view of things. Once the situation has been analyzed, drones can take action and sow the seeds of new new trees?

What do you think of this solution?

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