Ride a dinosaur to victory in Dino Royale, our game of the week!

Dino Royale

You may have noticed a bit of a theme emerging among the games I've been highlighting over the past couple of weeks. If there's any doubt about the popularity or impact of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, just look at the sheer number of mobile games borrowing the format and taking it to weird places.

This week, I'm focusing on a quirky game called Dino Royale which takes the last-man-standing elements from a Battle Royale game and combines it with the dinosaur taming work of ARK: Survival Evolved and packages the whole thing in a low-fi blocky art style. Matches can include up to 20 players and the gameplay is pretty refreshing, where the first bit of the match is all about searching for supplies and, hopefully, a dinosaur of which there are three to ride — a fast raptor with low HP, a triceratops that's essentially a tank, and a slow-moving T-Rex that can one-hit enemies if you line it up right.

The on-screen layout in this game well-designed and useful with your weapon selector on the right side and your outfits on the left. This allows you to quickly swap through different items or weapons, as you find them throughout the map. To that end, the map is relatively small, but big enough for the 20 or so players to run and hide as needed.

There are a ton of characters to unlock by collecting and spending gems, watching a set number of ads, or by paying for them outright with cash. You don't need to spend any money to enjoy Dino Royale but you may end up paying the $2 or so to permanently remove ads, which pop up pretty frequently between matches.

All told, Dino Royale is a pretty fun little time waster, and who hasn't had dreams of riding a dinosaur around as it devours your enemies? I know I have.

Download: Dino Royale (Free w/Ads, IAPs)

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