DJI announces a stabilized 4K pocket camera for video on the go

DJI announces a stabilized 4K pocket camera for video on the go

DJI, commonly known for their high-end drones, has announced a new 3-axis stabilized 4K pocket camera, which means you'll be able to capture high quality video footage on the go without worrying about how well your phone will handle motion or if it'll die halfway through filming. This camera, called the Osmo, actually looks pretty nifty.

That stabilization is probably the most interesting feature here, especially if you're trying to capture action shots or anything in motion, but it's capable of recording up to 4K resolution at 60fps. That's even more impressive when you realize that the handheld camera comes in at only about 120 grams.

If you are planning on replacing your current action cam with this thing, you'll be happy to know DJI is offering some accessories for it, too. Mounts, wireless modules, and other clips and accessories are available on their website for relatively reasonable prices.

source: DJI

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