A red OnePlus 6 is definitely coming on July 2 (Updated)

Update, June 30: Soon after MKBHD teased the mystery red device from OnePlus, the company effectively confirmed the release of a snazzy red OnePlus 6 in a teaser video. The red-tinted clip points to July 2 as the announcement date. We'll keep you posted.


Original post, June 29:

An image that is likely a red OnePlus 6 underneath a black OnePlus 6. MKBHD

Today on Instagram, Marques Brownlee (otherwise known as MKBHD) posted a picture of a OnePlus 6 on top of another device that looks a lot like a red OnePlus 6. You can see the buttons are the same and the curves are similar.

Check out the pic below:

An image that is likely a red OnePlus 6 underneath a black OnePlus 6. MKBHD

If OnePlus is going to release a red OnePlus 6, it wouldn't be too surprising, as the company also released a red version of the OnePlus 5T last year.

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However, if that is, in fact, a red OnePlus 6 in MKBHD's photo, that is not the Lava Red that was used for the OnePlus 5T. Unless our eyes are tricking us, that is a totally different red color.

Brownlee didn't include any text caption with the image, so we don't know anything else about the photo. We suppose we'll just have to wait to see if OnePlus makes an announcement soon, or whether this is something else besides a red OnePlus 6.

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