[Video] Samsung Employee Receives Touching Reminder of Home

Three years ago, Trang made the biggest decision of her life. She decided to embark on an adventure, saying goodbye to her family and home in the quiet town of Yen Dinh, Vietnam and setting out to chase her dreams.


Trang’s journey ultimately led her to the bustling city of Bac Ninh, where she secured a job on a Samsung production line. A promising and dedicated employee, it didn’t take long for Trang to advance to an office position. Today, she’s enrolled in Samsung’s in-house educational program, which provides employees with opportunities to receive hands-on training equivalent to a three-year vocational degree.


Though she’s well on her way toward reaching her long-held dreams, she still deeply misses her family. The feeling, of course, is mutual, and Trang’s family members were understandably thrilled when they received an invitation to visit her at work.


Watch the happy reunion unfold as Trang and her proud family finally meet. Touching moments like these reflect Samsung’s core belief that business is about more than creating exceptional products. The people behind them and those they care about are just as important.


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