Samsung partners with BuzzFeed and The Dodo to push Galaxy S9 Super Slow-mo videos

Samsung has announced a partnership with BuzzFeed and The Dodo to push Super Slow-mo videos created with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. While Sony was first to reach 960fps on a smartphone last year, Samsung seems much more intent on marketing this feature to consumers.

BuzzFeed, "the world's leading tech-powered media company", will publish "fun, entertaining, and highly-shareable" Super Slow-mo videos across social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


The Dodo, "the no.1 digital media brand for animal people", will do exactly the same. The videos will include the hashtags #withGalaxy and #SuperSlowMo, because no marketing campaign in this day and age is complete without a hashtag or two of its own.


Overall, the partnerships will result in more than 30 "unique pieces of must-see content" that will reach BuzzFeed and The Dodo's "massive" audiences in the next two months. You'll get compelling short-form content but also how-to videos.

BuzzFeed will show "relatable everyday moments", while The Dodo will feature "funny, emotive videos" and stories of animals caught in the act. Samsung hopes these partnerships will inspire people to create more Super Slow-mo content.

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