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Google's formerly Tango-only Measure comes to ARCore devices


Google Measure, an app that — get this — lets you measure things, debuted in 2016 as a Tango exclusive. But with advances in augmented reality tech in more mainstream handsets, a lot of things only Tango could do are trickling down to devices regular people use. That includes Measure, which is now compatible with ARCore devices.

If you're familiar with AR, the experience is pretty simple: place two markers in real-world locations and get the distance between the two. Check out this handy video of the app in action:


Measure can discern length or height for items both large (think furniture) and small (bananas, obviously). In my experience, it struggles a little on large, featureless surfaces, like ceilings or bare walls, but it's useful in some situations where using a tape measure might be inconvenient. At the very least, it's pretty fun to play with.

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