Huawei gives P20 Pro four new colors, including two leather options

It has been a few months since Huawei introduced the P20 Pro with its eye-catching color options, and now the company is back with four new hues.

Huawei has officially introduced four new color options for the P20 Pro, giving it a nice boost just before it officially announces its newest flagship smartphone in October. With the P20 Pro, Huawei introduced a pair of color gradient schemes, Twilight and Pink Gold. They made the smartphone standout in a sea of standard colors.

Now Huawei is welcoming two new gradient color options. The first is the most striking to date, called Morpho Aurora. Huawei says this is named after the morpho butterfly, and it has striking colors to match. Depending on the angle you're looking at the phone, it will look like a black, albeit shiny, handset. However, get it in the right light and the colors will explode across the surface. You can see the same purple and blue shade that's present in the Twilight variant of the P20 Pro, but there is also the addition of orange and yellow in there as well.

The second gradient option is called Mother of Pearl. It's not as bright or flashy as the other options, but there's a subtle shift in the white/off-white that can be seen. Huawei also included a copper trim to really help the handset stand out.


The two other options are brown and black, but these are genuine leather. It's been a while since we've seen a leather-backed phone, probably as far back as the LG G4.

These new color options definitely stand out, especially the Morpho Aurora variant. It would be nice to see smartphone manufacturers having a little more fun with color options in 2018.

The new colors and leather-backed options arrive on September 5. These variants feature 8GB of RAM and 256GB of built-in storage, with a retail price set at €999.

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