Qualcomm announces aptX Adaptive; plans to get rid of wired headphones

IFA 2018 announcements are already rolling and Qualcomm joined the party. The San Diego company has just introduced the aptX codec for Bluetooth audio with Adaptive sound. The company introduced the platform with a promise for a robust, hi-res and glitch-free listening experience.


The aptX Adaptive standard is designed to adjust depending on the content - be it gaming, video streaming or simply listening to your favorite songs on Spotify or any other music platform. It has simplified UI without extra gimmicky features and configurations.

The new aptX version will bring easy switch between low latency and high-frequency transmissions on the same antenna to all Qualcomm-powered devices. It will also be compatible with older standards sich as aptX and aptX HD.

Qualcomm said the aptX Adaptive will be available to a Snapdragon chipset with yet an unreleased name, meaning it will likely be the Snapdragon 855. The SoC will likely be introduced in the end of December, but smartphones with the new chip are likely to arrive next year, hopefully as early as CES 2019 during the first week of January.


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