Mophie introduces four new wireless chargers from the Charge Stream family

Mophie known for its quality mobile accessory, this week launched a four new additions to the Charge Stream lineup. These are all wireless chargers designed to work with compatible smartphones from Apple, Samsung and other Qi-enabled smartphones.

The new products are the vent mount, desk stand, powerstation wireless, and powerstation wireless XL. Below we take a quick look at each to see what they bring to the table.

Vent mount

Mophie offers a wireless charger that attaches itself to your car's air vent mount. The accessory can hold your phone in place securely while its juicing it up. It has a wireless charging output of 10W and is optimized for Samsung's 9W maximum charging capacity, as well as the iPhone's 7.5W. It's available for $69.95 starting now.

Desk stand

As the name suggests, the desk stand is a wireless charging station that can be placed on all sorts of furniture in your home. The device allows you to charge your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. You can also remove the wireless charging pad and use it as a normal charger pad. It outputs power at 10W. The desk stand will be available this fall for $69.95.

Powerstation wireless and Powerstation wireless XL

While most wireless chargers can charge your phone sans chords, they themselves are usually tethered to a power cord. But not the powerstation wireless and powerstation wireless XL. Instead, they have built-in 6,040 mAh and 10,000 mAh batteries, so they function as true wireless chargers.

But there's a tiny catch here. They can only output 5W when in mobile mode. The good news is that you can still get 10W. If you don't mind using the USB cable, that is. Both powerstations are currently up for grabs for $79.95 and $99.95 respectively.

All four new mophie wireless chargers can work with phone wearing cases up to 3mm thick.

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