Weekend poll: Do you subscribe to YouTube Premium?

Almost everyone watches YouTube — if not regularly, at least occasionally. The service is a functional monopoly when it comes to online video. It's also ad-supported, and while those advertisements aren't anywhere near as annoying or ridiculous as contemporary television, they are a noticeable part of using YouTube. With benefits like offline use, background playback, YouTube Music, and no advertisements, I'm curious how many of our readers have elected to pay for YouTube Premium.

It runs $11.99 a month here in the US, though many of us have slid by on pre-Premium grandfathered plans. The ad-free subscription used to go by the humorously salacious name of YouTube Red at $9.99 a month, and early bird subscribers to Play Music All Access are still only paying $7.99 a month for service which includes it — though later folks had to pay $9.99.

YouTube Premium also has a handful of exclusive content. I'll be honest, I've never actually watched any of it or heard anything about its quality, so I couldn't say if it's worth it by itself, but it's there.

I keep a subscription for work, but I'm curious to see how many of our readers consider the expense worth it. Do you subscribe to YouTube Premium?

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