See the Lenovo Z5 Pro – the other sliding phone – a day early here

The Lenovo Z5 Pro model on Weibo.

  • A month ago, Lenovo teased the arrival of a bezel-less Lenovo Z5 Pro. Now we have some leaked images.
  • The device is set to launch tomorrow and appears to have a sliding mechanism akin to the Xioami Mi Mix 3.
  • Pricing details and most of the specs are still unknown.

Remember the Lenovo Z5? The company teased the device as being a superphone with a bezel-less display and massive amounts of storage. However, the Lenovo Z5 turned out to have a big ol' notch and a totally average amount of internal storage.

Tomorrow, Lenovo will release the Lenovo Z5 Pro which looks to fulfill at least one of the broken promises of its predecessor: a nearly bezel-less display. That's because the Lenovo Z5 Pro will have a sliding back mechanism, much like the previously-launched Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

Although Lenovo has teased the phone already a few times, we now have some leaked images (via GSM Arena) which give us a better idea of what the device looks like:

A leaked image of the unreleased Lenovo Z5 Pro. A leaked image of the unreleased Lenovo Z5 Pro. A leaked image of the unreleased Lenovo Z5 Pro. A leaked image of the unreleased Lenovo Z5 Pro.

The images show a nearly-all-screen device with a back which slides up to reveal the front-facing camera, sensors, and earpiece. It also appears to be running ZUI 10, a Lenovo skin of Android. This is interesting because the Lenovo Z5 launched with ZUI 4, so Lenovo appears to be wildly revamping its numbering scheme for the software.

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You can also see a dual camera setup on the rear of the phone. This is interesting because there was a previous leak suggesting the Z5 Pro would come with a four-lens setup with a similar look and arrangement as the back of the Huawei Mate 20 series. It's now pretty much confirmed that the quadruple camera setup will appear on a different Lenovo phone.

Finally, the device doesn't have a fingerprint scanner on the back, which seems to confirm the Lenovo Z5 Pro will feature an in-display fingerprint reader. However, it could be Lenovo is ditching fingerprint readers altogether and relying on face unlock exclusively.

Lenovo is scheduled to launch the Z5 Pro on November 1, 2018, in Beijing. We'll find out for sure what the device has in store for us then!

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