Samsung expects Galaxy S8 sales to outperform the Galaxy S7

In the days leading up to the Galaxy S8′s official announcement, it was rumored multiple times that Samsung expects the Galaxy S8 to perform much better in the market than the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 was no slouch either, in fact, it single-handedly carried the flagship baton for Samsung throughout the entire year after the Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued.

Samsung has now made its expectation public. The head of Samsung’s mobile business Dong-jin Koh – who was very confident about the Galaxy S8 during yesterday’s presentation – has said that the company expects the Galaxy S8 sales to beat those of its predecessor.

A sales target was not revealed by the mobile division boss so there are no hard numbers to go on, at least not officially. Samsung did say last week that the Galaxy S7 set a new internal record for first-year sales so the Galaxy S8 has quite a job ahead of it if it’s to overtake the Galaxy S7 in sales.

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