The Galaxy S8 is so tall I might start using Multi Window mode again

Yesterday, after what felt like ages, I decided to run two apps at the same time through Samsung’s Multi Window feature on my Galaxy S7 edge. Multi Window is something I would regularly fire up when it first made its way to Samsung devices, but once the novelty wore off, it became one of those Samsung features that you know is available on your phone but is not used all that often. But with the Galaxy S8, it looks like I might just get back to using Multi Window more often, thanks to the taller display.

My biggest gripe with multi window multitasking on phones is that on smartphone displays, there simply isn’t enough real estate for it to be a seamless affair. It’s even more of a problem when you want to look at something in one app and type it in the other app, because once the keyboard comes up, it takes over the screen. This will probably be a problem on the Galaxy S8 as well, but the taller display should make for an improved experience when you have two apps running at once, especially on the S8+.

I haven’t used either of the two Galaxy S8 handsets yet, so there’s no telling if the taller screens will make a difference in the way I use my phones. But it’s possible, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Samsung’s beautiful new flagships to see what the taller (and narrower) displays offer. Too bad they will take almost a month to hit retail shelves.

What do you think about the taller displays on the Galaxy S8 and S8+? Is there any other use case you can see getting better (you know, apart from watching videos)?

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