Samsung TVs with LG display panels might be developed starting next month

Samsung found itself in a bit of a pickle when Sharp notified the company late last year that it would stop supplying it with LCD panels. Sharp decided to end supply to Samsung after being acquired by Foxconn, a decision that was likely meant to promote the company’s own TVs instead of backing Samsung in the lucrative LCD TV market.

Samsung then started to look for other suppliers who could fill the gap and crosstown rival LG Display seemed like the perfect fit.

It was then reported that LG Display might start supplying Samsung with LCD panels as early as June this year. Subsequent reports reiterated that claim and added that LG Display was planning on supplying 700,000 units of LCD panels for TVs.

The latest reports out of South Korea suggest that Samsung will start producing LCD TVs with panels from LG Display next month. LG Display is reportedly going to supply the company with 40-inch and 60-inch panels for its high-end TVs. The production is said to take place at Samsung’s P7 and P8 plants in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

Samsung remains the largest TV manufacturer in the world. It used to source up to five million LCD panels from Sharp. LG Display is said to supply up to 1 million panels which means Samsung still has ground to cover. It may consider sourcing panels from other manufacturers in China and Taiwan to fill the gap.

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