New website AOSMark grades Android manufacturers on Android updates

A brand new website has popped up that wants to grade manufacturers on how well they handle their Android updates, which would theoretically give some praise to companies that do a good job and shame those that don't. It's a barebones website with some questionable methodology, but hey, it's something.

AOSMark gets its numbers based on how many phones a manufacturer has released and how many updates they've pushed out to those devices, typically ranging from 0 to 6 even though no company has scored a 6. Google, for example, has a score of 3.5 from 6 devices, all of which are on Android Pie currently. Samsung, on the other hand, has released (wait for it) 1153 smartphones and has an AOSMark score of 1.28 with just two phones running Android Pie.

No company besides Google has more than 3 points, and only OnePlus has more than 2 with a score of 2.75. Nokia and Sony pull up behind OnePlus with a score of 1.82 and 1.63, respectively. I don't know how you'd get a 0, and if Google can't get a 6 I don't know how you'd get that, either.

It also lists a hall of fame with the top devices to get the most OS updates, and surprisingly the most updated Android phone ever is the HTC One Google Play edition, at least according to AOSMark.

Don't take any of this too seriously, but it's fun to check out and get a general idea of how your OEM of choice is likely to handle updating your current phone.

source: AOSMark

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