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Samsung C-Lab demonstrates FaceSense hands-free VR interface

Five months ago we reported on a patent application from Samsung which detailed a Gear VR headset with extended tracking capabilities. It detailed how the headset would not only track its own position but also the movements of the user’s eyes as well as their facial expressions.

Employees working in Samsung’s experimental C-Labs division have come up with something similar. At the VRLA Expo 2017 in Los Angeles, they demonstrated an experimental, hands-free virtual reality interface called FaceSense.

FaceSense presents an entirely different approach to navigation in virtual reality. It tracks movement in the user’s face. It recognizes and translates the biometric signals in expression changes and translates them into input for navigation. This allows users to maneuver through VR worlds with movements that are intuitive coupled with simple voice commands.

The prototype demonstrated at the exhibition was designed for Samsung’s Gear VR headset. The company says that this may one day lead to the development of more biometric technologies that allow users, including those with usage impediments, to enjoy VR experiences.



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