Samsung may unveil new MRAM memory for mobile devices next month

Samsung and IBM announced back in July last year that they had developed a new process to manufacture a non-volatile RAM which is up to 100,000 times faster than NAND flash and never wears out.

They called it magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) which will be produced using the spin-transfer torque (STT) technology. This will allow the companies to create low-capacity memory chips for mobile devices, wearables and Internet of Things devices that currently rely on NAND flash memory to store data.

Spin-torque MRAM can be utilized in ultra-low power applications in which it will use very low power when on and storing information. It won’t use any power when it’s not actively being used as it won’t be volatile.

According to a new report, Samsung is going to unveil the MRAM at its Foundry Forum Event which is going to take place on May 24. The company is expected to detail its process technology for MRAM at this event.

The company’s LSI Business Department has reportedly worked up a prototype of a System on Chip that has MRAM built inside. This is also likely to be presented at the event next month.

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