Samsung’s Dual Wireless Charger Goes On Premature Sale

Samsung's Dual Wireless Charger Goes On Premature Sale

Samsung's dual wireless charger has allegedly been released early in Russia, following leaks indicating that it would go on sale alongside the company's upcoming Galaxy Note 9 flagship. That handset isn't expected to be revealed until August 9 but the aptly named Samsung Wireless Charger Duo has apparently been spotted and bought from a Moscow-based OEM showroom, local media reports. While previously thought to ship at around the same price as the mobile manufacturer's current charging tray, the new dual pad is reportedly substantially more expensive. The previous iteration sold for approximately $70 but the new Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is listed in Russia at around $112. That may be the result of regional pricing or could turn out to be relatively consistent across the board. At that cost, users get a manual, a USB cable, and wall adapter, and a wireless adaptive fast charger with room to power up two devices simultaneously.

The design of the gadget doesn't seem to stray too far from what was expected. One of the charging pads takes the form of a round stand which will presumably be where users place their new Galaxy Note 9. Of course, it will also be compatible with other devices made by Samsung – and others – which support wireless charging. The second pad lays flat and can be used for charging another handset or Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch wearable. The latter of those two pieces of technology is speculated to land later on in August.

The news of the premature sale in Russia should be taken with some skepticism, especially given how the Korean company has not officially launched the charger or provided any substantive details about it, though the images seen below appear legitimate and in line with previous leaks. In the meantime, it's also not known whether or not the device will only be sold in the matte black configuration shown in the newly emerged photos or if Samsung plans to reveal additional color options. Moreover, pricing could be very different across markets, depending on value-added tax rates and other factors.

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