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Themes Thursday: Have a look at this week’s six new hot themes

Welcome back to Themes Thursday! Out of hundreds of new theme packs for Samsung’s smartphones, we’ve chosen six hot themes that might be of interest to you. Most of the themes we’ve shortlisted this week have darker UI designs.

The [aire] Beautiful Edge uses pink and blue as its base colors, and it looks good. The [Binod] BlueGlitterUI, [GS] Black Onix, and [Kendi] Eight UI Black have black backgrounds and slick-looking iconography. Anyone looking for a black theme would be satisfied by any of these themes. The [GS] Black Onix, which is free to download and install, looks great on phones with AMOLED displays, thanks to its neon-colored icons.

Football fans might like the [Hio] Shoot Goal In theme. The Colorful Night & MOH (Live & AOD) theme pack looks really good, thanks to its well-done AOD wallpaper and circular icons. Which new theme did you install on your Galaxy smartphone this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

[aire] Beautiful Edge
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [aire] Beautiful Edge

[Binod] BlueGlitterUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] BlueGlitterUI

[GS] Black Onix
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [GS] Black Onix

[Hio] Shoot Goal In
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Hio] Shoot Goal In

[Kendi] Eight UI Black
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Eight UI Black

Colorful Night & MOH (Live & AOD)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Colorful Night & MOH (Live & AOD)


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